Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the V's Day

oukay, though kinda late now,
but still, Happy V's Day!
"once u get the Mr./ Mrs.Right, everyday is V's Day, no worry, no doubt."

i celebrated my V's Day like this...
in such a place like this,
the jungle,
we have no where to go.

secret recepi is the most ideal choice for us. *lame, right?*
eaten the set lunch for our Single V party.

grilled mushroom chicken
dislike the chicken.
spaghetti chicken bolognese
the girl gave up at the end.

fish & chips
argh.the fish...**%^&

next, we cut our hair...
for what?just simply,
& just coincidence on V's Day
"my hair like stop growing eh."
"my fringe very long, i wanna cut also."
"my hair got split end eh."

waiting for the hair stylist.
& the outcome on my hair was...
get me?
beside one got her flat fringe.

desperate 2 kids.
end up my V's day at clinic.
what a V's day!!

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