Sunday, July 22, 2012

'wordy post' :)

I saw a couple in cafe just now.
that time I was taking my lunch with a bunch of friends.
there were a lot of people.all tables were being occupied.
only a table is sat by THEM.
Two of them. :)

the girl put a tupperware covered with a pink lovely plastic bag outside on the table.
then the girl left to buy food.
the boy came from the other entrance and sat down.the same table.

they're together.
and everyone knew that they're together yet they never confess to the outsiders.
*actions sometimes can prove everything*

The boy touched the tupperware and smiled.
and the girl came back.
They sat side by side.
the boy opened up the plastic bag then the tupperware S.L.O.W.L.Y and with CARE.
*seriously, S.L.O.W. -.-*
at the same time, he looked at the girl who sat beside him and he Smiled.
they looked at each other for times and they Smiled.

I supposed it contained the food that the girl cooked for the boy.
after some investigation being carried out by my friend,
It was.
It was salted fish and beans that the girl cooked for him.

and I told her, "I feel like I'm alone in this cafe, watching them as if watching a drama ._."
wish to have such a guy.
A guy who will be grateful and appreciate what he has,
simple & easy meal can filled his heart with love and touch.
A guy who will smile all the time at her
especially he is touched. :)

but she replied me, "Sampat po!have us around u will be enough."
as if slapping me & to wake me up from falling too deep into an impossible relationship.

'when a guy you care for pretend did not see get you,
what you need to do is react in the same way as he did.
-Pretending not to see get him- will do.'
As in pretending did not care about him.

-Taken from FB-

I will let him regret.
and I'm cruel.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

About 15/07/12

That Noon, we were having class photoshoot.
One semester once shot had come.

Look Pro, aren't they? ._.
*but their progress in publishing the journal was a bit uh, S.L.O.W.*

SO, to be advanced.
IS better for us to take our own shot.
and this came...

PISMP BI 1 - Degree 1st year
fyi, the one in the middle of those guys is our Mommy Mentor, Mdm. Suhartina.
little, mini size, cute Mdm in Language Department.
**oh yeah, thanks to ex-roomie in helping us took this shot.
love huh.*
She was actually rushing for her class.
yet, In a rush too,
took one and only one shot on that day.
hen sad jiang ><
That night, I was having IPDA family gathering.
we ate steamboat.

*I realized that I am scare of spicy food nowadays,
am I old ady?oh shit.**

everyone is totally enjoying the Tom Yam soup.
I was like...had myself more and more cups of Ice herbal tea to clear my throat.
emmm..and only enjoyed the plain soup by myself. -.-
I'm not like this one~

anyway, anyhow, forget about it.
and have a look on my family tree.
everyone has their own adopted God sis/bro.
the family tree is quite complicated also.

in short, the one adopted me is  HER.
Ying Tong
then, I adopted hER.
while she adopted heR.
Mei Yeh
 *I know, the last photo should me my sis v heR.
Imma bit ss.*

welcome, MY sis, to the big family.

In a nutshell, haha
this is it.
the BIG family.
adopted adopted adopted.
n other family tree.

END of my day :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

short update

home is not only a shelter for me.
is the place that I can actually rest mentally as well.
with family in home is always the best & perfect ever.
I love them :)

reached Melaka yesterday midnight.
oukay, this is my first time.
i mean came back only on weekend.
tomorrow night imma going back to the jungle.
& Sunday the classes are all ON.
tiring to the MAX!man!
as what she said, "As long As we can back Melaka, everything will only be nothing."

WE still have lonngg way to go.
congrates to all Form 6 friends.
going to study in Uni months later.
I still hoping friends can get Kedah, UUM whatever.
study together in the same state & jungle along with me.hehe
*get the course that we all interested in is the most important k :/
"YOu're the guy,
text HER first."