Sunday, July 22, 2012

'wordy post' :)

I saw a couple in cafe just now.
that time I was taking my lunch with a bunch of friends.
there were a lot of people.all tables were being occupied.
only a table is sat by THEM.
Two of them. :)

the girl put a tupperware covered with a pink lovely plastic bag outside on the table.
then the girl left to buy food.
the boy came from the other entrance and sat down.the same table.

they're together.
and everyone knew that they're together yet they never confess to the outsiders.
*actions sometimes can prove everything*

The boy touched the tupperware and smiled.
and the girl came back.
They sat side by side.
the boy opened up the plastic bag then the tupperware S.L.O.W.L.Y and with CARE.
*seriously, S.L.O.W. -.-*
at the same time, he looked at the girl who sat beside him and he Smiled.
they looked at each other for times and they Smiled.

I supposed it contained the food that the girl cooked for the boy.
after some investigation being carried out by my friend,
It was.
It was salted fish and beans that the girl cooked for him.

and I told her, "I feel like I'm alone in this cafe, watching them as if watching a drama ._."
wish to have such a guy.
A guy who will be grateful and appreciate what he has,
simple & easy meal can filled his heart with love and touch.
A guy who will smile all the time at her
especially he is touched. :)

but she replied me, "Sampat po!have us around u will be enough."
as if slapping me & to wake me up from falling too deep into an impossible relationship.

'when a guy you care for pretend did not see get you,
what you need to do is react in the same way as he did.
-Pretending not to see get him- will do.'
As in pretending did not care about him.

-Taken from FB-

I will let him regret.
and I'm cruel.

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