Friday, January 28, 2011

home sweet home.

pheewwww~finally reached my lovely home after a long n shaky journey in the bus..oh gosh~the bus really make me very faint and headache...luckily i didn't vomit...and the people in the bus are damn noisy,even were the drivers...sang some more,swt ><''' this was the condition if you sit afternoon's bus...had a suffer time yesterday night...what the...............o.o
then.. finally i reached Melaka Sentral, the bus stopped at another side pula...i mean not the usual place the buses stopped...ishhhhh...then the calls can't reached to my dad some more =.=
really waste my time more next time for this bus's company...(what the..................dut!!!)

at last...reached home =)

going to hang out with my ji mui mun n friends n lovely family within this 10 days holiday...^^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


we are still friends...nothing changed...but the gap between us,,,,,,,,,will be oukay...=)

wheeee~~~am going back to Malacca tomorrow noon...will reach malacca the day after 2moro.hehe..go back and celebate CNY larx...=)
mii said she had baked my favorite cookies...hehe.i know she miss n sayang me geh...just don't wanna admit it..=p miss u too.n dii..n bros n sis..IMUall.

hApPy happy CNY happy happy you and I~~~ ^^

oopppsss,busy packing now,bb.*.*

Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm scare now.everything happened too the matters become more complicated.She asked, how does these will happened?She feel like crying likely as me...and i wonder does it explode?maybe explode will be the best word to describe...and it's, is hard to control their feeling.they are too angry.all out of sudden..and im reli get angry and upset too...

well, what i expected she looks on me since i met her,is TRUE.did she change? change till like this?or i never know her well?why are we so mad with u,is just because we CARE about you know that?why must u do that to us?

U get really HURT ME,n US.i appreciate u,u,n u.....I'm really scare right now.will we be friend like previous? or be enemy? everything will be alright at tonight huh?tonight......the "conversation".....i don't know what's going to happen...again...T.T

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lack of time

have no time to update busy with my studies recently..-.-'''

btw,we went to Penang last weekend..we had fun there..and all things happened "accidentally" but then was quite perfectly.. haha..-the ferry,the hotel,the rapid penang........O.o luckily,the hotel we stayed was strategic enough..for sure,Penang is quite convenient. i mean the transport-rapid penang..and is Great,haha,we can eat Chinese food...for 3 days.there are lots of pictures in friend's time to get from her.

we visited kek lok si.for sure, if u went to Penang..the Guan Yin still in renovation.and become shorter than before...haiz. rumours said that Guan Yin cannot taller than the "big onion" wor.>.<

they spent lots of $$ on shopping,rm500++ per person.all shopaholic man~

once,we praised Penang better than Malacca come?in fact, we still LOVE malacca larx.

wheee~am going back to Malacca next Thursday. and CNY is real soon....=)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


felt like dying yest.the room seemed like 100000.. years nobody stayed.was fulled of DUST.oh my god><  after unpack all my things,really felt like dying+tiring.oh gosh O.o

wheeee~spot the green light!!is firework!!this was the view in the bus.zzz.

although im nt in malacca,cannot countdown with the loves for dis new year.but then luckily...the bus passed by KL yest.we saw KLCC n KL tower.damn nice view~n saw those firework(the main point).=) we shouted,we laughed when it was 12am for 01/01/2011 n when we saw the firework,..damn funny.(like nobody beside us in the bus).*.* luckily,i have the chance to countdown weh.hehe.btw,HApPY NEw yeAr!!!

love u guys~c u guys 2mr....have to go to class 2mr.suppose is today,coz of the Suzuki piala,2day is holiday.i love Kedah for this moment.only >.<'''

Seniors said Sem 2 is the hardest....scare@@

wheeee~going for movie n shopping