Wednesday, November 30, 2011


went out with the gang today.
no where to go except for DP & MP.
did some shopping.
my first time of stepped in Overtime today.
*i know.outdated.
yes, i am.* -.-
argh...m STRESS of sitting inside =.-

visited MP as well.
went to SAN to eat Ramen which recommended by the gang..

next, followed by Girl's talk session ...
the BB in my house likes to act like...

my mom.
besides likes to make noise & interrupt the adults' conversation.
is time for photoshoot!
the models of the day...

i smile back to you :)
the photographer was... BUsY...
oh yeah!
no matter what wakes her,
i considered myself SuCceD  to WAKE her to go gym this morning.

Monday, November 28, 2011


m no idea what to put as the title for this post.
& as just wanted to write something in here.
let it be "-" then -.-

went out with the pretty just now.
Since she was too PITY & kind of begging me to go out with her :p
she would say F*** if she saw this post.
who cares?teehee

we wandered in front of the counter for several minutes
& struggled of watching which movie.
as our plan to watch movie failed.
AT LAST, we went down & bought seafood tempura+ drinks in chatime.
the pretty always did something that i don't understand.

THE threesome of that day :)

going to wake the pretty tomorrow morning, 
she said she wanted to go gym.
she said this for N years already
hope i can get up that early too.
"If you love someone, DON'T LET THEM FALL"

m just finished watching "Lives Of Omission".
which to some of you, m might be sort of outdated.HEhe

dislike the ending.
cause Madam Jo shouldn't die :(
i like her + Laughing so muchie.
& i like her dressing!
looked smart & confident ><

in the last episode,
Laughing said...



- By Laughing Sir.
which touched me.

Friday, November 25, 2011

mEANiNgFul daYs

This Wednesaday n Thursday did a lot of things.with my pretties = my loves :)
*i should say was yesterday & 2 days before?*

Wednesday, 23/11/2011
as what did i say in my last post,
m going to watch "you are the apple of my eye" with the pretty & i did.
errmmm...this movie kind of ride me into my Secondary school-hood.haha
all sort of CrAzy things happened,
with our STILL innocent-thinking.innocent mind.innocent action -.= not that nowadays we aren't innocent anymore.
the fact is that we grew up as time passed.
is time for us to be matured in everything, for sure, in our thinking & perceptions to things.
& be responsible for every of our action.

oh yeah, the pretty said,
 "why aren't we been tackled by such a boy like Ke Jing Teng?!
why aren't people tackled us like the way those boys tackle Shen Jia Yi?!*

dislike the ending.

after movie, met with the other pretty, the 'photographer' who functions very well the next day.

******* ohh yeah, the pretties stayed at my home that Wednesday******
*******& i hope i can sleep well tonight, without them :p****

Thursday, 24/11/2011

I  them as i always do!!!
did sort of photo shoot under the 'photographer's' request, =p

&  as long as both of us did help her get her assignment done. :)

& you'll know who's the photographer m talking about.
Stay TuNEd!

& YEah!!! we watched "Breaking Dawn" as well.
argh! envy Envy ENvY ENVY! Edward+Bella :)

"do outside there exist vampires?" argh...!i wonder~

learnt something from the actor's dialogue.
i guess was like this...

"...for The prettiest bride..I love you for NO measure of time, but START with FOREVER..."- Edward Cullen.
"...Having someone is MISERabLE than someone you can't have"- Leah.
*there's more..*
ReaL GoOd NiGht!

Monday, November 21, 2011


congratulate to Malaysia football's team.
is it Harimau?haah
m not sure about it.
anyway, just congratulate to M'sia. (:

just finished watching football in Sea Games 2011.
*not my wish to watch, cause of my bro who kept on asked me to change channel*
eee! =.-
well, the game was Malaysia VS Indonesia.
still, for me,football, is a kind of lame sometime.
12 chasing after 1 ball.
*oukay, though basketball also 10 chasing after 1 ball*
but, who cares?
i watched it just now, n felt like it could be my entertainment, if only i watch it with the whole lot.

haha.enjoy seeing my fb's friend saying about the game.
enjoy hearing my neighbour shouting over the moment the player got their goal.
cause at the same time, m watching it -.=

SO, tomorrow is a holiday?
wanna watch "you are the apple of my eye"!
frustrated in seeing others said about it.
wanna prove it by my eye itself.
as the trailer was kind of damn nice.
going to watch with the pretty.
maybe this wednesday?


went to KL yesterday.
v sis + sis's boyfee + sis's friend
a happy & tiring journey.

my aim was to buy dress or at least something for bro's upcoming wedding.
but it seemed....
though...could still hardly say that did buy something back home.

could u tell me where the shot was?! 
oh yeah, thanks to the boyfee's treat yesterday.
LauGhtEr was our companion all the way.
whatever was it, we laughed.=.=

lesson of the day: DO NOT laugh too over until you can't finish your meal =.-
others always said this to me , "Expect nothing and you'll be surprised of something."
i admit that sometime it did (:
do not/don't ever/never/never ever argue over $$.
it makes nothing.
"$$ is always the root of evil"
H-a-t-E. yet, can't survive without it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


finally, my holidays do begin.
a :) for it 1st.hehe

i shouldn't think of my exam anymore..
but sometimes...i just feel hard for it.
try not to think of it.trying hard to counsel myself.
"it'll be ok."

our paper shouldn't be like that 1.
*is the Government's fault*
yes, it must be. =p

reached Melaka yesterday morning.hehe
hang out with my love yesterday noon.
we went movie "Tower Heist" since there were no more movies could match with our time.
"she always is the winner"
the fairness, the tenderness & the smoothness of her legs made me realized the importance of fair.
*m not pervert*-.-
no wonder she could win everyone's heart.
*oukay, i envy u, mrs.Junior*o.O
i always is a loser in everything?!

fair & HEALTHY skin is everything.

m as dark as charcoal.

always be appreciative.
*let me win, k.*=.-

Friday, November 11, 2011


i should have done something in my blog
at least by today k :)

let me blog about my final then.

but it seems nothing special.
m left 2 subject on Monday n Tuesday respectively.
n i'll be FREE!
oh gosh~ i can't wait for that moment.seriously.

*the thing that would tear our heart into pieces during exam will be those info we memorized by heart didn't even appear once on the exam paper*
it makes nothing at the end of it.

we had our mentor-mentee party right before our exam.on 08/11/11.
we had enjoyed our happy moment together,
before dying for exam (:

-my classmates-
ohhyeah.roomie made a hand-made card for me.
it was just a simple "love" card with meaningful content that symbolizes us.
*we aren't lesbian* o.O
i believe one will be touched easily when there is someone who really perceive about one herself/himself :)

purpose: Fight for exam.
she put it on my table that morning coz m going to have my 1st paper that day.
ah.bit touched la.when i saw it.
yet, she said she couldn't sleep then only would think of making this.
roomie, i will be more touched if you just didn't reveal the truth. =..=

well, well, well,
i did one for her in return.

i admit -- m always is a loser in drawing -..-

preparing for exam---
roomie loves to study on the floor with my star n her pillow o.o

-this is her-
m prefer to study...
-on the table-
as time passed...
i would probably...
& ask myself to be determined!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

diaries of wisdom tooth

should i write something on this special day, 1/11/2011?

this month will be an exam month for us,
say "hi" to the final exam then :(
though having 4 subjects, still...SUFFER.
*another two weeks will be better! i will be patient.*

**wisdom tooth's diary**
went to see dentist for twice while m in Melaka.
one dentist said m going to grow wisdom tooth n she mended the hole at the tooth as well.
while another dentist said the tooth which was pain was my wisdom tooth.n she advised me to remove it.
*of coz i don't want, exam is just around the corner, so she gave me pain killer*
until now, i ate once.can't depend on the pain killer too much.

yet, i like today's dentist the most.
at Kedah, here.
she said the same thing as the 2nd dentist i visited and she did x-ray for me, gosh~
my wisdom tooth is slanting~
*wait, is it a normal phenomena?if yes, sorry, i don't know about it :P*
it clashes with my tooth which is just in front of it.
for sure, plus the mended hole which got infection.
n it causes pain.

from what dentist and friend's recommended,
i went to Guardian n bought clove oil + L type interdental brush today.
going to try it out tonight.
hope it will work for my tooth (:

she miss her healthy teeth (':
m suffer for the pain recently!

tooth, be patient k?stay obedient to your master.
don't cause her to be so painful no matter is at night or days.
until the end of her final. she's begging you~

lesson of the day: take good care for your wisdom tooth! 
*for sure, for the rest of your teeth as well!*

i learnt to take good care of my teeth nowadays.
i need it to be healthy so DESPERATELY!