Thursday, March 29, 2012

/I'm Back!!!/

i couldn't describe my feeling of stepped into my room yesterday,
joyfulness surrounded me to the MAX!
& yeah!! hooray to it!!
i'm done with my BIG camping
proud of that :)))
as we were the 1st group out of other courses, teehee
we are now the one who went through all those hardship before them all :pp

wholelot of us - Serial 2, Group 1 of programme BIG :))
my worries before going to this camp seemed to disappear after i have done those activities.
i'm so happy that i was able to do it.
especially for rafting, activity that i scared the most.
with the group members' moral support as well as their physical support for me,
i was able to do back-jump-in-water-action.
thanks guys!
somehow, i pray that i will not phobia with water anymore.

the only thing that i gained the most was...
i felt like bruises were anywhere on my body.
caused of jungle trekking :((
i thought i must be tough enough and steady enough to climb up the steep-like-hell hill.
i was able to climb, everyone was able to climb also.
the only matter for me was the process of climbing & felling in it.
-- the reason for bruises on my leg & hand.

**sorry if i was too quiet in the group,
sometimes, i just felt i didn't belong to the group.
sometimes, i just felt hard to speak out & chose to be quiet.

i'm truly sorry, guys!**

i thought u will do something..
who cares just anything..

Saturday, March 24, 2012


BIG (Bina Insan Guru) camping is tomorrow.
4 days 3 nights.

is nothing,
just a 4 days 3 nights camp,
just can't bath properly,
just can't have proper meal.
just can't drink much water than i consume daily & this just simply able
to make me dehydration ,
just will get sunburn all the way.
& just getting darker & darker in my life time.
is nothing, 
somehow, just kill me. why don't?

I'm scare of water!
jungle trekking, hiking, napping, anything that is on the land is OK for me,
but NOT rafting, for sure.
NOT activity.on/in the water/sea.

what to do what to do.

It begins tomorrow.
suan le ba.
ren sheng bu guo ru chi.

today woke up much more earlier than yest.
to attend camping's meeting.
& preparing for out tent.
*i'm happy working with her, Syuhada :))*

somehow, God, please bless me for those days.
anyway, i hope to have a happy & valuable camping :)))

Friday, March 23, 2012


i woke up..eerr..can be counted early today :)))
& getting...
ready to go for my 2nd injection.
still bit painful until now.
but it doesn't matter,
coz i know that is all for my health after all :))
i dreamt of someone yesterday night :(
someone that i should not have dream of.
someone that i do not miss.& had bad memory with.
felt so tired when i woke up.

*people said when you dream of someone = that person is missing you*
but i don't think it's true.
anyway, i know that the person is living in bliss.
that's enough :)
yesterday night,i wonder it's that you?
if yes,
i'm disappointed at you.
i believe in your words
yet, your actions has betrayed you.

i'm such a joke.
taht have put so high expectations in you.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


the thing that i hate the MOST is RUSh!
i'm having a kind of damn-like-hell RUSHING life now.
so, my blog is dead!
it causes me have no sufficient time to even log in to blog/update my blog *it might be a reasons out of my nothing-to-blog-about reasons :p*
even take a fresh breath is a problem for me now.
can you imagine my life over here?HELL.

since i stopped my last post about SBE,
maybe i shall talk something about it.

what can i say was...
Experience is always the Best Teacher! :)))
i couldn't deny it.
SBE let me gained a lot.
from all aspects..i exposed to the running of a school.

some pupils are really adorable, some were just naughty & their badness level--out of my expectations..
some of them even migrated from America/overseas & was forced to study in Chinese school.
they learned really hard to speak Bahasa & Mandarin.
but i believe they can go through it :)))
*due to internet connection problem, unable to upload those photos, is available in my FB.*
when receives texts or calls or saw FB posts from friends that i may neglected sometimes,
their warming messages can lead me to happiness &
is sweet..
love is so MighTy!
i can see it from her.
she is so brave & brave to sacrifice, just for him.
I envy.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


everyone is writing about their 1st day of School-Based Experience (SBE) on FB today.

everyone seems very happy nia.
but, it makes me nervous nia -.-

tomorrow is going to be my turn.
different status,
step into the school.

what is the feeling will be?

have to face them...

adorable adorable adorable.

is better for me to sleep earlier.
god bless me tomorrow.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


last letter to...

*should have turn our mood back to normal, aren't we?*
as things MUST have a dot on it.
i hope that i have put a prettiest dot on it.

- today, everything seriously has gone to memories.

tears enough dropping now.
forgive us to not control well our emotion during your funeral, Sir.
i hope you heard get what did all of us say to you.
i believe you had :')

-you are the bravest person, ever, Sir :')

i always know, is time to let go :')
a four-years once day.
- happy birthday! to those who are born on this date.

- how is my day today?
-- layer cake made up my day :p
*the higher the expectations & hope that i put, the more suffer am I.*
beginning of a new month now, March.
i can't wait to go back Melaka.
tomorrow will be my day.