Thursday, March 29, 2012

/I'm Back!!!/

i couldn't describe my feeling of stepped into my room yesterday,
joyfulness surrounded me to the MAX!
& yeah!! hooray to it!!
i'm done with my BIG camping
proud of that :)))
as we were the 1st group out of other courses, teehee
we are now the one who went through all those hardship before them all :pp

wholelot of us - Serial 2, Group 1 of programme BIG :))
my worries before going to this camp seemed to disappear after i have done those activities.
i'm so happy that i was able to do it.
especially for rafting, activity that i scared the most.
with the group members' moral support as well as their physical support for me,
i was able to do back-jump-in-water-action.
thanks guys!
somehow, i pray that i will not phobia with water anymore.

the only thing that i gained the most was...
i felt like bruises were anywhere on my body.
caused of jungle trekking :((
i thought i must be tough enough and steady enough to climb up the steep-like-hell hill.
i was able to climb, everyone was able to climb also.
the only matter for me was the process of climbing & felling in it.
-- the reason for bruises on my leg & hand.

**sorry if i was too quiet in the group,
sometimes, i just felt i didn't belong to the group.
sometimes, i just felt hard to speak out & chose to be quiet.

i'm truly sorry, guys!**

i thought u will do something..
who cares just anything..

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