Friday, October 28, 2011


oh gosh~it has been 1 week i did not update my blog.
exactly 1 week.

well, actually i have done a lot of things in this 1 week holiday.
actually i have a lot to share, just...i took everything ordinary.i guess.
so, don't feel like blog them.i guess so.(:

was a happy holiday instead.
had a lot of outings with family &
my loves. 
(should show their faces, right?pic just everywhere in their camera.Zzz.)
*went out with them yesterday, got back around 2am..luckily did not get scolded today.teehee. 
well, there were pauses in between our heart-talk conversation, how would it be?
maybe we left out 1 kaki, maybe we are all stress about our own studies...i guess.
but, we are still who we are, we still know each other crystal clear 
m proud to say that (: * 


he is FIT, not FAT!
ppl ask him to diet, he don't want.that's him then.
me & you, we just let the word  'fat' comes into our dictionary o.o

my last post stated that my holiday began,
but this post m going to say "today, my holiday comes to an end" ish.
going back to campus REAL soon.
people, please pray for my final exam :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

LAST lesson

yesterday was the last lesson for my volleyball's class.
finally, passed our micro-teaching, thanks Sir (:
m not going to blog about what have i learnt.
coz it would be infinity :)
the lesson ended up with shooting.
next, celebrated friend's birthday before went back to Melaka.
*the gang were CrAzY!in the whole process of celebrating.oh gosh.*

chosen this as her present.haha
my holiday begins.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

not her day

today definitely is not her day!
allow her to write in Mandarin for certain reasons.
随波逐流的个性让她冠上了”被谴责的对象“ 之宝位.


她习惯被别人贬低, 瞧不起。*这该是她必须的“习惯”*

不轻易让别人看穿"    - 温岚




她小心将情绪收藏 比傻瓜还傻
她刺猬般的坚强全都是假象!”    -  温岚
-- 无奈!


keep on remind myself to keep my blog updated.
i just....failed :p
kay...having gathering with my another family tonight (should be last night).
i should say this family is my TESL family, while the other is my Chinese family?
sounds weird though.
spent more or less 3 hours with them at Restaurant 5 Untara -.-
& reached hostel about 10 something i guess.

i heart to GOSSIP with them. *m heart gossip all the way.muahaa.*
i heart to listen to their whispers about this girl that boy.
i heart to see them laugh out loud.
i heart to laugh at their cuteness, their teasing about someone & their GOSSIPness.

m should show some evidences for the gathering.
here comes some pic of the day...

 THEM :) 
with the 2nd oldest in the family *sorry, sis :p*
next will be the one who adopted me, here comes another thin & mini lovely girl.
as usual, m always the biggest  no matter i stand/sit beside those mini-girls.
sis, must appreciate him (:
promise me to stay sweet with him kay. :p

saw her flat tummy?!
as usual, when there is more girls than boys,
the day will be ended with GOSSIP-ing.
we were :)

oh yeah, needless to say that our new family members are 2 girls.
score for the night would be 12 girls VS 2 boys..

night readers.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


as i said in the last post, m going to talk about EDEN.
EDEN is a handicap service centre.

no bluff, sincerely,
i gained a lot from those people with disabilities...
neither the adults nor the child,
for me...
they are brave enough to speak out what are in their mind.
they are brave enough to face the reality.
they are brave enough to live their own life.
they are taught to be independent.
EDEN's slogan attracted me.
-- "Heart to Love, Hands to Serve".
the life they have now isn't what they want or maybe what they were expecting since they were born.
they REALLY have GREAT courage & determination in order to colour their own life.
this trip gave me a very great experience indeed.

****pic of the day***
that's all i have...
*BEGGING!*ignore her eye bags!

had our lunch in Mcd.
well, we accidentally met this 2 little Q girls.
they're sister.
one is 6 years old while the other is 4 years old.
*photo could not show their cuteness, failed.*
m attracted by her little chubby & tomato face.

chubby u 2.
m going back to Melaka next Thursday.
i miss BB!
how happy u are.
M addicted to u.
how then?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


today, she went for a trip under the name of Moral assignment.
Location: EDEN, in Penang.

*with a million ton of eye lid she's having now, she can't continue to face her lapie
to be continue...
night u,u.u.u*

Monday, October 10, 2011

she said,"He failed before, now, he scared to fail again, but he is still fall for u...i can sense that"

Saturday, October 8, 2011


happy, angry, sad, excited?!

M stress! & entertainment is needed!
haiz.back to topic...
on Thursday,,,
we had our LAST steamboat for this Semester.
that's the reason why m getting fatter & fatter at here larx. -.-'''
no photo was being taken on that day.
as usual, we failed to estimate the quantity of food for 5 of us.
once again, my stomach announced exploded!
at last, we had to call the neighbours to join us.
thx to seniors who helped us to clean up the food ya :)
& we gossiped until late night.oh gosh~
i damn like when she questioned me that -- "Are you mixed?" *ahaha.blushing!*

the next day, Friday.
went to Bak kut teh in Alor Star with my volleyball's lecturer.
woke up at the time which i considered early.
not our luck, the shop didn't open.
we went to another shop which Sir said was not really the best one.
well, met up with the wife of our lecturer - a lovely & polite headmaster.
pic of the day...

blur is always the photographer's problem!
anyway, thanks Sir!

then, we went to Alor Star mall.
for movie -- The Sorcerer & The White Snake.
quote of the movie...

"月下有湖, 湖中有亭,亭中有你和我"


actually we planned for "Abduction", damn.
it was always the cinema's problem!
nothing else could shop in the mall.
quite bored.
end the day with gossip-ing in Georgetown cafe.
smile is the best medicine for health!
i pray hard that classes dismiss earlier tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

full stop

everything will come to an end =)
teehee..finally, it comes.
today was THE END of my assignments...
. for it. (:

but it is THE BEGINNING of my FINAL exam.
oh shit~

so, lecturers are all doing revision, revision,
except revision still REVISION...
i feel like vomit.

still, i can't deny that it is the fastest, easiest, best yet the LAST way to SHARPEN our skills in answering the exam paper.

amitofo (:
he is too mature *.*

Saturday, October 1, 2011


2mr is Carnival Sukan in my campus.*should be today, 1/10/2011.*
heard others said that is going to have 4 different campus come over & compete.
included games of volleyball, badminton, etc. & B-A-S-K-E-T-B-A-L-L!
i freaking feel like want to watch a basketball match.

just only once.

i didn't watch since uh.....*i was young.*
i was young before,k......heeyyy~

but nobody can accompany me.

btw, this patung seems hitz nowadays?
where to get it?
i think is better for me to stay in my room then ><'''