Saturday, October 15, 2011


as i said in the last post, m going to talk about EDEN.
EDEN is a handicap service centre.

no bluff, sincerely,
i gained a lot from those people with disabilities...
neither the adults nor the child,
for me...
they are brave enough to speak out what are in their mind.
they are brave enough to face the reality.
they are brave enough to live their own life.
they are taught to be independent.
EDEN's slogan attracted me.
-- "Heart to Love, Hands to Serve".
the life they have now isn't what they want or maybe what they were expecting since they were born.
they REALLY have GREAT courage & determination in order to colour their own life.
this trip gave me a very great experience indeed.

****pic of the day***
that's all i have...
*BEGGING!*ignore her eye bags!

had our lunch in Mcd.
well, we accidentally met this 2 little Q girls.
they're sister.
one is 6 years old while the other is 4 years old.
*photo could not show their cuteness, failed.*
m attracted by her little chubby & tomato face.

chubby u 2.
m going back to Melaka next Thursday.
i miss BB!
how happy u are.
M addicted to u.
how then?

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