Thursday, March 31, 2011


feel like writing about her in my blog since roommate..
a lot of story between me and her..we did argue before..and i did cried because of not a lesbian oukay..i like boys..=p
i just appreciate her as my lucky enough..=)

still remember how i met her..
*the registration day to enter IPDA. and also the registration day to enter hostel, that day,there was damn lot of people. i saw a girl walking towards me and pulled my hand go into the office to the same time asking me am i Chinese?>< know what,i duno her at all wor. then,we registered as roommate already.-.-'''* the end......=.=

oukay, the most important one was when i got food poisoning that was last few days...
she really took good care of me.*eh,not only her,others as well.roommie, you know,later they saw this post ><*
she was busying during the days i was sick..busying with her exhibition the next day.but still need to take care of me,*alamak,macam kid la i.><* 
that night,she wrote a note for me before she went out, friend saw and said it was a sweet note..*content no need to know la~* o.O

that day,in the middle of the night,i was crying for the stomachache..i really cannot stand it..feel like dying..i text her..and she did come back immediately from her friend's room and nervous.i was shocked actually..she comfort me and calmed me down...thanks =)
that afternoon,i stomachache again..and she accompany me went hospital..we spent 6++ hours there..for hang 2 packets of water..=( she accompany and sat beside me all the way..she may go back and do her "mountain" assignments..but she didn't.. thanks =)

i can't finish thanks her here or thanks her with these words...
but thanks once again =)

well,she tolerate with me a lot..even just a small case like she will turn off or use earphone to hear music when i wanna study.she knows i need quiet environment in order to study.
she knows my habits..though good and bad..and she knows what im going to say and do next..whee..if she saw this,she will say *of cause la,if not how am going to be your roommate?* u know,her quotation.
we always complaint to each other about our studies,assignments,exam......but we did advice each other to +u!
we seldom have pillow talk at night as our schedule are not the same.but we did it...we talked about our "ji mui",about bf/guys, about love............

her daily life...
fast food & cheese &
this is her favourite right now.already finished half within few days.=p
she always persuade me to eat this and that..i fat fat jor lorx.=p

some random pictures with her...we less snap picture,i duno why.*maybe we aren't pretty in the room.haha. dun have the mood to snap.* you know,girls....~

this is her.innocent meh~heee
oh man~she is fair enough!!admire~*hate.eee!!!*
 when i went back SP with her and we went out shopping together.
♥ you,girl...thanks all the way.thanks for being took part in my life =)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

for you.

I just noticed this right now.since i lost contact with Facebook for a few i get to know lots of things huh.haha.><
but im not that surprised actually.i mean find out this.maybe...i already forget you.who knows......
i know you won't start a new relationship without any love with her.dun you?
i know she's the right one for you.and i hope so.=p
oukay,she's pretty.*then i lose,oukay?*o.O

hope you

bad mood.

oukay,exactly 1 week didn't update her blog,and she's with sick condition writing this right now.oh no~my god!
she came back from Malacca not only one week get sick again.this time seems to be the most serious case she fall sick in her life.oh no again!*get the chance to write this since she get energy right now.*o.O

this is the 4th day......she sicks...

it can be call sick she thinks.she got food poisoning at here.she used to eat the food here for 1 and a half Sem already.unfortunately, the most unlucky thing happened in her life.this is the most suffer time in her life.
she cried...for the suffer.
no family mummy,daddy,bros n sis besides her now.she missed them damn much.she cried...
luckily,she still got bunch of sincere friends here.caring for her.brought her to the hospital.accompany her.bought her food.she feels very warm and truly touch.thanks girls!♥ she cried...

she never entered unit emergency in her life.this was the very first time.
she never hang water in the was 4 packets of water.her hand...this was the very first time.
she never drew blood in her fact,she scared of blood.and this was the very first time.

she hate to eat medicine larx.she duno how to swallow pun!she have it until like flour.>< *her routine work.*
she cried in the middle of the night.her stomach was so damn pain.

she knows family & friends was worrying about her,she promise will get well very soon.
she still got all of her from behind.=)
she hopes everything will get well from now onwards.everything will be fine.=)
I truly hope so =)

unlucky things will continue to happen...

one of her family's twins dog died.
she just received this bad news had been shoot by the stupiak fellow.M___!without giving us any warning.what can we said?except shit u!
xz, rest in peace ♥

be +ve!every unlucky things will get off soon!tomorrow will be a good day for me=) 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

LIFE is so short.

 'LIFE IS SO SHORT'.my friend taught me this.and i do totally agree with her now.

 after that,i found out this.......

mom did mentioned the news to me.but i ignored.='(

girl,don't be so sad.can you promise me?

i asked you whether you ok anot,you didn't answer me actually.u only answer my another question and you replied that your friend today will move in and stay with you.
i asked you to take good care of yourself,you said "ya.i know.thx ya."

and im not dare to reply you...i scare i'll hurt you indirectly...
and you are sad.maybe you not willing to talk more.
and we aren't you,we duno how hurt are you...dun we?

you do really make me cried after i read your fb wrote for her.and she was at the heaven now........
i dun even know her.through the photos...i know you appreciate her more than any of us expected.
i really touched after read the note.your condition...your everyday routine work with seems like us.
i know the feeling of SUDDEN LOST THE LOVE.

she was your roommate+classmate.i know is more hard for you to let go.='(

 i do really feel sorry and sympathy for you.and...
life is really short.
what can we do?
we do appreciate everyone...everything...beside us from now onwards.

Jessie YCW,my best friend.please.let go.everybody is worry about you.=')

Friday, March 18, 2011


yeepiii!!!went out with the loves yesterday.since i came back from the "jail",i wished to do lots of things in Malacca...and need to buy lots of things.but i only manage to do half of it oukay,nvm.

intro my loves 1st ya....=)

my loves.
i miss the others...need to wait until June holidays only can meet up with them... 
i miss u all so badly!oh my goodness~

aha! one of the things i wanna do is EAT.
well,we took domino's pizza as our lunch...

nice.but oily lehxxx.-.-
domino's pizza,one of us starved just to eat you..haha..
and you make us lost!! we duno ourselves lost to where..god.waste our energy and precious time.we tried so hard just to find where you really hard to find..luckily,at last,found you.o.o

*and im not sure whether was i ate you when you are hot and crispy enough that time or i already got sick before you,im SICK now!damn.just went to see doctor this afternoon.really hate to eat medicine.shit.*

whatever.i still needs to finish the medicine.><

oh yea,d photos were taken from the love's blog.o.o

after that, we went for movie..yeepiii! movie=my favourite.=)

we watched "Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son"...funny...
im addicted to one of this movie's song."Lyrical Miracle" by the actor, Prodi-G,Brandon T. damn nice~love was the end sequence song if im not wrong..
but i couldn't find the song.somebody?please,find me the song?am addicted @.@

oukay, as i mentioned earlier,i wanna buy lots of of it is buy me myself a purse.-.-
my purse is 'dying'.
so pity~my purse~its skin almost botak already.
survey here and there in dp yesterday,still failed to buy a purse.-.-'''

=( going back to the 'jail' tomorrow night....shit.=(

Sunday, March 13, 2011

envy larx.

friends all going to finish their Semester 3 already...i still in Semester 2...
*i envy larx.*
after that,they all will have their holidayssssssss.....
*i envy-ing*
i still need to wait until end of this year, only finish my foundation and there's no need to waste such a long time to finish foundation year larx.ah doiii
*i envy you all*

aha!!!my boy~
i miss you...='(
missed the chance to see you at Sungai Wang yesterday.

the news said, "今年只有25歲的他,沒想到已有結婚的念頭,他說喜歡身材修長、長髮但外型兇兇的女生,“就像《Vendetta》裡的娜妲莉波曼那樣的!" (i envy you,girl... but my boy, i will try my best) hahaha.-.-'''

btw, i felt great to hear Tan Chia Jee going to start her studies next month at KDU.take care there and +u ^^

* going out with the lovely family a few minutes later,bb.
have a nice day =) *

Friday, March 11, 2011


am reached Malacca already.this whole day is a good in good mood as well. =)

suddenly the phrase "浪漫是愚蠢的" flash in my mind now.haha.i must say that it is quoted by thong hui wen yesterday in the bus.
she was talking this to me.
"-if a guy ask you to marry him in the rain,he'll sick in the next day.-if you and your partner watch the stars by the seaside or on the field,dun you and him/her will "kiss" by the mosquitoes,itchy like hell?what for?-if a guy said he wanna take down the stars from the sky,will you like it?in fact, the stars are ugly and is impossible to take down as well."

haha.what larx,miss thong.i can't experience any romance in the rest of my life already.but i can't deny that sometime romance is a silly thing.=)

she got the inspiration to say these because we watched the stars through the mirror of the bus yesterday.why we so bored?in case,our journey from Kedah back to Malacca took about 10 hours.
i HATE the airport in Malacca,USELESS!!!

the stars were beautiful.even though it was scattered on the sky...
you know, * i like to watch stars =) *
i saw a brightest star among was really the brightest.and you know,when you saw it,will remembered you "it" was your dearest seeing you from the sky.
at that time, i miss my grandpa and grandma from both my father and mother side one.i lost them all already.

well, *life doesn't end when somebody died*

cheerss babe.hehe.
*ok, zzz,have lotsss of assignments to finish within this 1 week holiday.*dislike*

Thursday, March 10, 2011

without you...=(

ahaha!!!finally finish my MOCK Exam damn happy right now.but damn tiring now,am have to clear the room.still packing my things now.what the....-.-
*1 week holiday only meh,still have to clear room huh.seriously.ish.o.O*

btw,my 'little black' seems like's condition very bad right now.i can say that its worsen than before its start to didn't recover for 1 week already.and it seems like gonna leave me.

'little black',i miss you and i love you.will you come back?

*supporting details*
without you, my life become dull and colourless,'little black'. ='(
without you, i cannot take photo and send photos to my laptop for a long time already."little black'!!!
without you, i lost my contacts with my family and the loves one at Malacca.roomie just asked me that day, "why you seldom call your mom 1?or i should said you never?" >.< roomie, actually, my 'little black' is SICK!!!
without you, i cannot hear my loves one's voice. =(
without you, i failed to do lots of things.'little black'

*should i repair you or upgrade you to another one perhaps finer one?hehe...* but i got used with you already worxxx...=(

ehehehe...~am going to kfc and secret recipe later.perhaps, they are my only 'entertainment' at know, i should be happy =.=

aha!Malacca,wait me there!*am going to take 9.15pm bus with the gang tonight.*yeepiiii!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011


aha!*hardworking meh*
just finished the group's study now.....the damn hard subject,English Studies!ish.HATE U.. o.o

btw, got lotsss of info tonight,thxxx girls...=)
cheerssss,babe!*ti gong po pi po pi*

oh yea,got a good news this afternoon..hehe..*i can bring water into the library during my examination,before this the lecturers said cannot,=( ooii people, i will DEHYDRATION uh. 1 subject 3 hours,in air-cond room some more.i cannot survive without water,SERIOUSLY.people who knows me well, I'm a water bucket/pail..*
then, thx,SUP =p

*ok,damn tired now,nightZzzz.*

Thursday, March 3, 2011

HaPPy bIrThDaY,Mdm.

today is mentor's birthday...well,is our mummy in this campus as well...
hey guys,although our plan failed,but never still perfect at the end =) *the process was damn funny,if you 're one of us,you will know how funny we are...>< * btw, thankxxx for the guys who pretend late to the class this morning,but failed to do their LATE for their attendance as well..hehe...thxxx again.=p

happy birthday,mom...=)
Madam...*very happy right?see, we love you so much =)

as usual,some random pictures today...o.o

classmates...*guys behind,can't c ur pose la*dark.*
started to get nervous for her exam now...o.o
+u, girl!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


timetable for her MOCK Exam...-.-'''
ha!last few days the timetable for MOCK Exam out ady...*dislike English Studies and Social Studies...* HARD...weh...
lecturers say this MOCK Exam will reflects our final exam...some says this exam is not important...>.<
so?then?she have to study also~

try your best,girl!all the best huh!good luck =) *pray for her,please...must pass and get good result ya*

*she's damn hoping for the 1 week March holidays...she wanna go back Malacca...she miss there lotssss...
time will flies.when the holidays come or in other words,end of her exam...she sure will enjoys everything to the MAX!
she wants outing+movie-ing+shopping!!!

ooiii people,date her,please... o.o*