Saturday, March 19, 2011

LIFE is so short.

 'LIFE IS SO SHORT'.my friend taught me this.and i do totally agree with her now.

 after that,i found out this.......

mom did mentioned the news to me.but i ignored.='(

girl,don't be so sad.can you promise me?

i asked you whether you ok anot,you didn't answer me actually.u only answer my another question and you replied that your friend today will move in and stay with you.
i asked you to take good care of yourself,you said "ya.i know.thx ya."

and im not dare to reply you...i scare i'll hurt you indirectly...
and you are sad.maybe you not willing to talk more.
and we aren't you,we duno how hurt are you...dun we?

you do really make me cried after i read your fb wrote for her.and she was at the heaven now........
i dun even know her.through the photos...i know you appreciate her more than any of us expected.
i really touched after read the note.your condition...your everyday routine work with seems like us.
i know the feeling of SUDDEN LOST THE LOVE.

she was your roommate+classmate.i know is more hard for you to let go.='(

 i do really feel sorry and sympathy for you.and...
life is really short.
what can we do?
we do appreciate everyone...everything...beside us from now onwards.

Jessie YCW,my best friend.please.let go.everybody is worry about you.=')

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