Friday, March 18, 2011


yeepiii!!!went out with the loves yesterday.since i came back from the "jail",i wished to do lots of things in Malacca...and need to buy lots of things.but i only manage to do half of it oukay,nvm.

intro my loves 1st ya....=)

my loves.
i miss the others...need to wait until June holidays only can meet up with them... 
i miss u all so badly!oh my goodness~

aha! one of the things i wanna do is EAT.
well,we took domino's pizza as our lunch...

nice.but oily lehxxx.-.-
domino's pizza,one of us starved just to eat you..haha..
and you make us lost!! we duno ourselves lost to where..god.waste our energy and precious time.we tried so hard just to find where you really hard to find..luckily,at last,found you.o.o

*and im not sure whether was i ate you when you are hot and crispy enough that time or i already got sick before you,im SICK now!damn.just went to see doctor this afternoon.really hate to eat medicine.shit.*

whatever.i still needs to finish the medicine.><

oh yea,d photos were taken from the love's blog.o.o

after that, we went for movie..yeepiii! movie=my favourite.=)

we watched "Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son"...funny...
im addicted to one of this movie's song."Lyrical Miracle" by the actor, Prodi-G,Brandon T. damn nice~love was the end sequence song if im not wrong..
but i couldn't find the song.somebody?please,find me the song?am addicted @.@

oukay, as i mentioned earlier,i wanna buy lots of of it is buy me myself a purse.-.-
my purse is 'dying'.
so pity~my purse~its skin almost botak already.
survey here and there in dp yesterday,still failed to buy a purse.-.-'''

=( going back to the 'jail' tomorrow night....shit.=(

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