Friday, March 4, 2011


aha!*hardworking meh*
just finished the group's study now.....the damn hard subject,English Studies!ish.HATE U.. o.o

btw, got lotsss of info tonight,thxxx girls...=)
cheerssss,babe!*ti gong po pi po pi*

oh yea,got a good news this afternoon..hehe..*i can bring water into the library during my examination,before this the lecturers said cannot,=( ooii people, i will DEHYDRATION uh. 1 subject 3 hours,in air-cond room some more.i cannot survive without water,SERIOUSLY.people who knows me well, I'm a water bucket/pail..*
then, thx,SUP =p

*ok,damn tired now,nightZzzz.*


  1. but you still have a lot of ulcer,don't know why