Tuesday, May 31, 2011

outing v the loves.

there is NO EXCEPTION for not dating with the loves when all of us were in Melaka.
(pit!though sometimes i was absent to attend the reunion...hee..)

no mood to study, feel like blog about the day i went out with the loves now.
though i knew one of us wrote it.o.o

well...on 28/5/2011,
the ah moiiiis i went with...=)

the ah moi  oways let ppl wait for her & the driver for that day.=p
we watched "Insidious"...OMG!we sat 1st row in the cinema.-.-'''
*nobody wished to sit the 1st row, isn't it?
so, we made a decision - sit other's seats.muahaha.*
then, the movie started...it was just the beginning of that movie...
then...got few people came n sat down at the end of the row...
& & then...
the guy said," excuse me,these are our seats."
the love said, "yea.we knew.our seats are in front.can we sit here for awhile?"
the guy was "...-.-'''..."
*we gone back to our seats...o.o*

(the movie was scary enough...but seemed like comedy show,
the fellow in the cinema screamed & said,"omg omg!i don't wanna watch!im so scared!" OR laughed when the ghost appeared & haven't appeared -.-)

after movie, we ate D.I.Y ice-cream at the back of dp...

prefer yogurt flavor more =)
3 of us...phew wit @.@
oh yea, after that, we went Sunset Bistro...
arghh...love there...
love the view over there.was a nice place for us to have heart talks e =p

Thursday, May 26, 2011

do nothing.

teehee~finally finish packing all my stuffs...

i just came back from outside.went to buy dinner.
well well well, going to sit 9:15pm bus go back Melaka weh.
*jumping around* hehe.

but im so lonely now...
am do nothing in the room.
it's true, "a circle of quiet" in my room...

except for facebook-ing, playing songs & games...~
*feel like blogging coz the connection is damn good now,
am no need to wait for the blue light appear on my broadband..
it stays blue...piu~
feel so easy to online...
maybe coz people outside went back one by one...& yet nobody online...
so it leads my broadband stay blue.*

Zzz, alone in the room now...
roomie went back early in the morning...
*as she always...hmph!
kinda miss her now,miss her noises...actually -.-'''
coz the room is so damn quiet now.
i could only hear the songs i played.*

this is just a bored post that i simply wrote...aha.=.=

*this holidays going to be a damn busy holidays...
i need to plan it very well @.@
Singapore, wait for me!! go for wedding only larxxx..
another wedding waits for me too!
(coz i wanna wear PRETTY PRETTY weih!!!
im outdated here!cannot fashion at all! damn...)
i wanna meet up with my ji mui!!!missy...
& need to settle the mountain homework & assignment...gggrrrr...!

*oukay, i like the feeling i have right now... 
waiting to go back my hometown...
hehe...dun miss me ya.*

trip to Gunung Jerai.

continue my latest post...we went to Gunung Jerai.
i never heard get this hill before...till i really went there & it wasn't that bad as what i thought...=)
the process in Gunung Jerai...

well, begins with the ugliest thing i done that day...
i wore football socks.omg omg.
to avoid leeches...yeeeeee!!

precautions to avoid leeches during jungle trekking.there were lots of salt on our shoes...-.-
the gang.
we were still enjoying the beautiful view over there.
seriously, it was a damn nice view when u were standing on the top of the hill & looked down.
this happened all before jungle trekking activity.
after that, TIRED. proud & happy.

nice view =)
i love star.
after jungle trekking...

they were lack of energy & TIRED.
with our advisor.=)
after rest & some gossips...we were energetic.=0

needed to call number instead of our name in the jungle.*supposed to know why ya.*
 it wasn't enough if we only finished jungle trekking...
the hottest was behind...=.=

we were asked to walk down from the top of the hill till the end.
12km!!! the longest distance i ever walk before.o.o
was just left blister did not appeared.

terrible experience, but proud to myself.*.*

after the 12km...
then, went back to IPDA.
once got into the bus, SLEEP.
but, the girl asked me to take photo for her.ah doiii.

hapiii huh.
*still on my way packing my stuffs now.-.-'''
phewwww~~going back Melaka tonight!!!
tomorrow is my day then.*

Sunday, May 22, 2011


i would like to start this post with good news...
aha.i'm just finished the camp to Gunung Jerai yesterday.=)
*finally, no more burden for this camp as we had been postponed from early of Semester 1 until now.it's almost the end of Semester 2*
luckily, it's over.*i'm happy*
there was not that scary as what i thought before i went there.
& what had we done during jungle trekking to avoid leeches over there was successful.(as i don't wish to have scars on my leg anymore.><)
lotss of obstacles during jungle trekking...& walk down the 12km hill by our own...& ways we done to avoid leeches...
*to be continue...*

today, 22nd of MAY...
early in the morning we were having our semester party...
all of us were enjoying...

i like the chicken nasi lemak.=p
 something happened when the party reached half...

my coursemate, he's going to leave us today...

though we were different class, i know nothing about you...
but, you are my FRIEND.*sincerely*=)
though i knew it before you were going to announce in front of us, but i still felt not comfortable...
i wished i was wrong in my mind for that moment.

that day, you wrote "leaving.bye." in TESL private fb.
i thought i won't see get you anymore...
well, the next day was the camp...i saw you.
you was still you.joking with the others here and there.
you were very happy, then i thought you won't be leaving us.

today, you announced that you were going to leave us & might be joining juniors during July intake. but is NEXT YEAR.
dude, don't said till so touch can or not.
i was touched by your words...='(
*you win ady*
well, we hope was this coming July intake juniors.we were wrong.
means that we won't be seeing you for 1 year+ & it was depends on you whether you wish to come back here to continue your study...
i wish that you would come back.=)
though i kept on asked my gang that "will him come back?i think he won't.he would like to do his own interest & don't wish to be a teacher.will him?will him?*

hey dude, i still remember that u took half of my kitkat chocolate after the jungle trekking huh.haha.
i had shared with you.
you said, "hey Haw, tak bagi saya kah?makan sendiri je..."
haha.i gave you larxxx.=p
eerrrmmmm...my second last memory with you.><
the last memory was today.when i said "bye bye & take care" to you.
you wave at us & smiled shyly.

i think the best memory would be you with your classmates...right?
lots of things we had been gone through...
eerrmmmm...it's reminds me the time we were having the dramatization, "Macbeth".
you was Macbeth for your group huh.ahhaa
& & you were damn funny that time.haha...

well, i hope you will be happy & i hope to see you next year.
take care then.=)

my dinner tonight...*chicken kebab*
well, i hope tomorrow everything gonna be ok.
as too many things happened today.
i wish to have a happy holidays.come on~

*girl, specially for you, don't cry for her anymore..promise me, don't cry, be tough...*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


chicken kebab!!
it's you!!!

that day...
her friend asked the gang, "u all want order kebab?best!seriously..."
she said," huh??!!! what's that?kebab???"

under curiosity...she ordered 1 chicken kebab that night...
and her gang as well.
she waits & waits..................till nearly 9pm.><'''
*was her dinner for that night.k.*
then received her friend's msg, "kebab is coming."
she lazy to go another block to take it......
at last, her gang passed to her during meeting at 9pm.

after meeting & gossip-ing with her gang, she went back to her room.
shared with "baby Jun Jun"...
baby Jun said ,
"emmmmm...~ho ciak!where they bought?seriously.best nehxx.i wanna order 'kerbau' tomorrow."
-.-''' roomie, is kebab.=p

since then....
yea, am addicted to this thing-kebab.
especially when u are hungry...1 is not enough.aha.

kebab with skinless and boneless chicken breasts, mayonnaise, nuts, vege, onions, etc.
became part of my dinner recently.-.-
i never eat kebab in Melaka.
i learnt to eat different kinds of food here.
that's how you could survive & live in other country...
*part of living skills maybe*><

today,was just a bit exaggerate...
they passed a paper around in the class and asked to write down how many we want to order.aha.
the paper was fulled.o.O

well, i just ate 1 chicken kebab just now.-.-'''

*this afternoon, she asked me to write an essay/poem/anything
entitled "水晶球的爱情" for her.
& this reminds me of HIM...........
for just awhile.*

Monday, May 16, 2011

just THEM.

whee~went out with the gang last Friday...as usual, after lunch at New Town,
we went movie...a movie made me feel very nervous & it fast till my little heart nearly couldn't afford...-.-
what some more?*.*

uh~cute man.=)
the next day...having ELS party...
had BOOM Seri Banai hall!!!!hehe..

sometimes...photos can help me express my feeling...o.O

thx for the chickens...guys..NICE!
actually, i didn't expect it would be so delicious..aha.
the girl said when saw u guys preparing, "i swear i don't want to eat the chicken tonight...i swear..."
at last, "oh~thumbs up, man!" Zzzzzz..

aha.congratezzz, Anecdote!!!(the best performers)><
president said,"let's take pic together,committee members..."=)

like this picture the most...='')
Emo-ing...i like.i duno why...=.=

let's eat, girlss...& the guys behind/tepi longkang.x.x
the guy said,"tak de duit nak beli bunga api,so use kain cuci pinggan as bunga api."Zzz
but,,,,it was damn NICE...
they thought of "i will fall in love with you if you make a love shape for me.."
aha...i think of that way too.

after eating, having "Truth Or Dare" with them......

ah moiii, kena dah.aha."u want truth or dare?"
dun afraid k.won't be your turn.Zzz
the fellow asked, "when is your first love?form 4?"
the girl said,"ahahahahahahaaaaaaa........em..ermmm.form 5."
truth or dare must be love love love things huh.
but it was really FUNny.hahaha.
*i hope you all will last with your couple..seriously.*

oh yeah,now is 12:43am...
16th May...hehe


*ppl, pls dun ask for meeting & said things that can use hp/fb to text us.* -.-'''
and stop text her.annoying.
we still will work with you.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

it's over...

phew~finally, staging for "Macbeth" is over.it came to an end today.
but now, am kinda miss the time we were practicing & the staging today.
now is 9 o'clock!!!
i suppose to get ready to go down & practice drama.
well, 9 o'clock was our routine time to go Sri Banai hall to polish our drama.
now, no more... i miss it.><

though today had some problem during my group's staging, but it was enough for me.
good job, friends!!!
it's over & this was the best from US.=)

i like this picture the most!
it shows my SMARTNESS!!!haha
my group's "abang" Macbeth.good job, bro.><
"everything will come to an end." sometimes i dislike this quote.
but, this will be the best memory for me.=)

this witch is addicted for witches' voice.keep on use it when talk to us.><
was quite the most handsome Macbeth today..aha.stand beside me weh.-.-
the 3 best witches ever.(green shirt) =p
we took half year to prepare this dramatization...-this was a long journey.
but our staging took only 20 minutes for each group.- this was short enough.
"Short, but it is a long journey.isn't it?"- Madam Faridah.
(like like like)hehe

Q hor.*.*
ppl, if you saw this post, u should feel proud huh.
your present was posted in my blog weh.hehe =p
whatever, thx for this ya.it's Q.
btw, thx for coming to see our staging today.=)

Monday, May 9, 2011


too many things happened within a day.received shocked news form friends...
it's too complicated...
who's right & who's wrong, i duno...

i have forgotten...
im scared, stressed up & feel helpless.
i need someone to talk to.but is NOT HERE.
i duno who can i believe...
being fake to everyone...
until the moment im in my room,im not fake!

i was angry at her..she dun even said a word to help me get rid of that kind of situation that night...
but i can't get angry at her.wtf.
she said,"she's taking you for granted,dun help her anymore."
i can't do it.seriously,she help me a lot.
i duno why she loves to show off.fxxx!

i was angry at him & him actually...who you think you are,ppl?!
shit u.

thx for your concern.
"why do you look tired today?"
"nothing.im ok.=)"

i have learn to keep quiet.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


suddenly stuck.duno what to blog.everything seems nice to me recently.though still have something sad happened,but i don't feel like blog about it.-.-

ok, today just blog randomly.

recently, we were damn busy with our drama, "Macbeth" which we will dramatize on 12 May.
having lots of practices/ rehearsal in the hall.
*though i can act anytime,(hehe) but this was bit hard & different.*
- memorize script
- actions & expressions.***
there was a big stage with lighting, sound, props & backdrops as the effects.
there will be audiences..
*pity on Macbeth & Lady Macbeth weh.plenty of dialogue.><
sometimes be "lalang" is enough.hehe*
let's memorize our script together!
they were memorizing their script "seriously."=p
4th May, TMM birthday.
as usual, there was always surprise from us.
she's kinda easy to be cheated.=p
*she cried when the whole Cohort sang her birthday song.
  she cried when we took out her birthday present
  & birthday cake (she ordered herself, but we said we forgot to buy for her.she believed.)    
  she touched by us &
  by the one she loved-zm. coz she received his wishes that night.in fact, he was a past tense for her.*

she loves to cry. =p

her birthday present from us,,,

happy birthday, ah moiii.=p
they look alike, right?
lastly, the funniest girl ever...hahahaha.
i hope you & your beloved will last forever.=)
what's wrong with your donut, girl?><
going for free dinner later.
*have a date with.....THEM, not HIM.*

Sunday, May 1, 2011

good days.

since we have 3days holidays, it is impossible if we didn't go out and play.=)

this time, we went Sungai Petani(SP). well, still in Kedah. and quite near my place.1 hour++ to reach there.
our main aim: BODY MASSAGE!!
i need body massage for a long time ady.finally, it comes true.=)
the process of 2 hours massage was pain like @#%$^&, omg.
but nvm, the main point is the relief after massage.phew~~~
although my body still in pain right now ><

well,actually we planned to go SP only for massage and shopping.
is a day trip.
but...having some conflicts... at last, we decided to stay there 1 night.o.O
thx for the boss who help us in finding a budget hotel.aha.
the fact was that we brought nothing of our daily necessity..even was our $$.><
we need to buy brushes, Darlie and clothes.aha.u.u
*just like playing Survivor.*
say stay then stay, say go then go.
*well, we shall well-plan before go for trip.*

we went Central Square in SP (the shopping complex we like the most in Kedah!!!) 
it has a lot of shops that we can't find at our campus there.

then, i would like to say that our hotel was very strategic.
it near shopping complexes & cafes...
this was the 1st time i saw Old town, Station 1 in Kedah.
we went Station 1 that night....

 tasted the 3 layer tea in station1 .=)
 Day 2...
before this, we ate BKT at there.finally, i could tasted some Chinese food.after massage, we went "ho chiak" street...
there was a lot of delicious food.that we missed a lot - Chinese food.=)

miss it.
we ate till very fulled.seriously......

we will visit u again, SP.
*the fellow praise herself that her living skills was best enough, dun says her has lousy living skills anymore.=p*