Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1st Anniversary.

28/6/2011, today.my 1st anniversary at IPDA -.-'''
i would like to call...
sounds better huh.

time flies...
but still, i left 4 years +.
just gone 1 year.ahahahaaaaaa.
it will become my nightmare tonight.

that night...
my heart cried~
"can i don't go for registration?" "will i be able to survive without my family?"
"is this really my choice?*yes, be a teacher is my ambition all the way, but not this course maybe*
"who & what kind of friends will i get there?" ='(((((

28/6/2010, registration day.
i was in blur & lost condition.
i don't know where to go, what to do, who to find,,,,
i got into the main hall alone...searching here & there...
oh man~no one i knew.

I'm here now.
still remember the moment my mom & dad & bros waved & bye at me.
my heart was being teared.
TEARS dropped when i was bathing ><

i thought i was tough enough to face all this.
sometimes, tears will drop itself...o.O
i had no idea =.=

i can't deny that being here i experienced much more than i expected.
mature?mmm...either in my mindset or behaviour.
*i learnt to be independent.*

--left hometown & been far away to study.--
sometimes, it's not an easy business.sometimes, it's great neither.
yet, all kind of stuffs we need to go through by ourselves.
only then we will grow up and experience what life is really meant to be.

no matter is tears or laughter.
i adapt to it.
i had just started my journey =')

Saturday, June 25, 2011

my boy ♥

argh!!!i know that you're coming to Melaka on 25th June 2011, is today!
but i pretend i didn't know anything.
is just that....
once i ON my fb, ishhhh.
all sorts of post posted..."have a date with anthony today" "MP was fulled of people cause of anothony"
& the love's post "anothony neely, im coming" :D somemore.
TCJ!!!make sure you take lots of his photos!

i miss you so.
oh yea, hAppy bElated BiRThDaY o.O
enjoy your day in Melaka ya =)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sem 3.

Started my Sem 3 =)
LAST sem for my foundation!!!*finally**wink*
friends in college already started their Degree weh ><

this is just the BEGINNING.

just started this sem for a week.
this was the first week.
but GOOD.fulled of activities...from Sunday until Thursday.

the lectures were relaxing...but...
my lecturers said,
"Welcome back." "Did you all enjoy your holiday?" "Now, is the time to study.no more playing!" "Class, you should have your own study group from now onwards." "Class, you need......." *blaaaaaaa*
Sigh...*scare scare scare*
scare of the final exam.
not only test us on what had we learnt for 1 semester, but all the stuffs for 3 semester.
ahahahaaaa.KILL ME THEN. 

juniors came in...
emmm..the most blissful juniors EVER.
*their orientation week was NOT as what we expected*
skipped...just @%$^&$#!

our campus were having KOT (Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan)
*i love to see people running.& high jump. just love. simply.
& simply don't like long jump & whatsoever. hehe.
besides love to watch someone play basketball.*

woke up at 4 something.
involve in orientate the juniors...
*though was NOT as what we prepared to do & expected, but it doesn't matter.
it was enough coz had fun while working with you all...xD*

the retirement of our Director...
quite a funny director..
the juniors were joining us O.o
wore batik...
doiii, the batik was fulled of wrinkle mark even though i tried my best to iron it.
*don't ever say that i didn't iron my clothes =p *

Friday, today...
hang out with the gang...
went movie- Green Lantern.
& & the handsome green lantern!

"a ring & this one.haa."
the handsome & the pretty!!!
end this post with...

simply like this text
simply =)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


same...need to tidy up my room,
same...take out all my stuffs from the store and
same...start to tidy them....

***...when i entered my room, i saw a sleeping beauty on the bed...
suddenly, "Nee Nee!!!hehehe.."
*piu~my little heart jumps up!*
"*i pretend did not startled by her* then, ai ya~wake up wake up...let's clean the fan~"
well, i got evidence...HEHE

gambateh neh!
see!spot the fan!fulled of dust!
So, i got my reason for woke her up at 6am =)

after kept my things...i gave her her belated birthday present - DOMO.
i searched here & there for her present.
at last, chose to buy her this little thing.

*hope everything going to be what i wish...=)*

Friday, June 17, 2011

last few entertainments.

going to take bus go back to the "jail" tonight...=(
*i thought i already get use to it, i mean leave Melaka back to Kedah anytime & adapt to it...but sometimes i don't feel good...in other words, i hate to leave Melaka!!*
but, i know..i have to...
i saw my love posted this on her MSN status...*eerrr...kinda motivate me a bit.*
- the road you choose yourself, even kneeling u have to finish it.

well, last Sunday. 12/6/11.
had movie with my family...
*sudden outing -.-'''*
no time to get ready...
that's why no photo for that day.
watched Super 8...s***s!
 mii said, "em?!i dun understand the movie..."
bro said,"piu~what kind of **** movie is this?!"
sis said, "har?!the movie end ady?!"
sometimes...though others said which which movie is how how how nice...
well, it might be NOT huh!!

phew wit!finally i could meet up with this girl - LWS!
*that day jz both of us.*
we went new JJ.
*i just realized parking lot over there so cute 1 uh =.=*
she still the same...funny...take good care of me...o.O
ah moiii, stay sweet with him k!
well, after finish my mission-buy things for someone,
we went movie - X-men!!!*argh...this is what we call NICE movie huh.*
went out with my sis...
we had our dinner at "Wok and Pan"...
ordered chicken chop, stuff with cheese and ham.=)

like this.
sometimes...when you look not pretty, it would be nice if the photos are shrink...hehe

love ya.

Monday, June 13, 2011


reached Singapore with mii...hehe...
*we were BLUR enough...haha*
well, those ps things no need to speak out here.skip...-.-
...flu & fever on that day.what the.....!
totally spoil my mood.
yet, nothing much on that day.except for gossiping...
& we stayed in aunt's house...=)

the wedding day...phew~
woke up early in the morning...not enough sleep.
seemed like im the one who married o.O
aha.i saw the prettiest bride...& the white horse =p
stay SWEET!!!
*like like like*like ur gown damn muchieee..
the pretty bride =)
she said, "hey u look so different tonight!"hehe ^^

went out with my eldest brother...=)
we went quite a number of places that day.so happpyyyyyy.
& yet, i experienced Singaporean lifestyle.
always RUSHING...-.-'''
-Universal Studio.
argh.raining on that day.HEAVY rain...

really got lake of dreams in this world that will let my dreams come true?
i hope so...
yet, i hope all my problems will be solve & my wishes will come true.
*i do need a lake of dreams NOW!*

let my dreams come true ya...-.-
- Casino...
- China Town...
went back aunt's house at 4.30pm to take our luggage...*tiring*
pit!reached here bout 11 something...
well, nice trip -.-'''

*something bothering me so much now.
what kind of solution should i take now.
i damn hate this kind of feeling.please.gO AWAY!!!shit*

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

good experience.

the love asked, "hey, u free this week?can accompany me go out?i wanna buy something.hehe"
o.o of course, i knew what's her motive ><

my driver yesterday =p
well, yesterday noon...we went DP search for the materials...at last, got nothing...-.-
then, we went new JJ & met up with the one who's trying to make herself dissapeared from this world!!ish...

we went Old Town to have our dinner/ maybe yam cha's session (i think is more suitable)
*we were so happyyyyyyyyy...*
but, once we went car park to get the car...something scary & unlucky thing happened...
it was what as the owner of the car described...-http://www.facebook.com/#!/notes/fong-ee/stupid-/192455104135299
it will be a good experience for me.

today, i met up with the IPG's gang & Mr.Chee, my lecturer at Kedah...haha.
he was in Melaka coaching swimming & wished to meet us ><

well, i was the driver today...piu.*like a trick.* =p

i damn HATE what what Stadium Hang Jebat.oh man~damn farrrrrrrrrrrrr from my area...o.o
*now i know the feeling my loves experienced when wanna fetch me.hehe*
somehow, Sir be "the driver" as well...
we brought him ate dim sum & blaaaaaaablaaaa.

& the only photo i took today...o.O
behind was stadium hang jebat.

*pit!!!going Singapore tomorrow morning.
for 3 days...
bb xD

Monday, June 6, 2011

those days.

ermm..suddenly stuck. duno where to start, how to blog...

last Saturday, 4/6/11, after having dinner in my uncle's house..
me, sis n my bro went Boston..aha.a new place for me to have gathering v my frens next time.=)
whee..i ♥ the french fries & they love Teh ais over there.i duno why.

that night...
then, we went Secret Recipe to buy birthday cake for my youngest bro.
his birthday is today & we celebrate earlier.-.-
*sounds surprising, but he knew everything =____= *

happy birthday larxxx.
the next day, 5/6/11, my cousin's wedding...muaahaha =)

well, the bridegroom and bride for the day...

love this car so much.i duno why @.@
my cousins - heart u all!!!-.-
haha.this was the effect when she drunk...=p
mii, r u drunk too? put ur head straight!!!=p
oh yeah, i ♥ this pic so muchieeeeeee..

& well, eating dumplings now.hehe
HapPy DUmPlInGs day!

Friday, June 3, 2011

my ♥s...

i was so excited! & being normal again.==
pit!!!went out with the loves yesterday...
the same things went on...
& what to say when another 2 loves came back to Melaka some more =)

first, went Qi's house to colour Jia's earth o.o
*skipped. we were arguing & kidding while colouring the earth...
& i tried my best ady, Jia..u knew huh..haha*
Qi, u were damn funny when begging ur bro for his help.haha

yesterday was my first time in experiencing Jia's driving skills...pheww~
FAST & yet FAINT @.@
*haha.but was SAFE larxx*
she said, "u never fetch me before.next time gathering make sure you are the driver!"
doii..em larxx!! =p
perhaps, the day come faster! IMY all now =')

then went to fetch Ee...
i thought she were not in mood when she got in the car, scared me -.-
scared to talk with her in the car.
luckily, she became normal after awhile...hehe

yea, we went movie, "Kung Fu Panda"

fair fair fair...=.=
was the only photo in my phone huh.
all in u girls' camera...
will upload when got more photos...x.x
*ok, skip the part which 2 opposed 2 in fought against the popcorn in the cinema & threw popcorn at the opposing side. -.-'''*
ish.the panda was so damn Q when he was a baby huh o.o

aha.then, met Ying at Asam Pedas Claypot.*again...*
had lots of fun when the love who was so damn scared of the cats at mamak stall...
*she was asked to shift her rice & drink to another table..for not made us shamed again =p*

then, i followed Ying's car...
she got lots of stories to tell...
in the car, she told me almost half of her stories.aha.
i asked her to hold on until we reached the place suited to have heart talks...

the place, Sunset Bistro =)

ILY all...!!!
i miss Ling...=(

girls, take good care ya!!!
meet up when August holidays come...♥