Saturday, June 18, 2011


same...need to tidy up my room,
same...take out all my stuffs from the store and
same...start to tidy them....

***...when i entered my room, i saw a sleeping beauty on the bed...
suddenly, "Nee Nee!!!hehehe.."
*piu~my little heart jumps up!*
"*i pretend did not startled by her* then, ai ya~wake up wake up...let's clean the fan~"
well, i got evidence...HEHE

gambateh neh!
see!spot the fan!fulled of dust!
So, i got my reason for woke her up at 6am =)

after kept my things...i gave her her belated birthday present - DOMO.
i searched here & there for her present.
at last, chose to buy her this little thing.

*hope everything going to be what i wish...=)*

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