Wednesday, June 8, 2011

good experience.

the love asked, "hey, u free this week?can accompany me go out?i wanna buy something.hehe"
o.o of course, i knew what's her motive ><

my driver yesterday =p
well, yesterday noon...we went DP search for the last, got nothing...-.-
then, we went new JJ & met up with the one who's trying to make herself dissapeared from this world!!ish...

we went Old Town to have our dinner/ maybe yam cha's session (i think is more suitable)
*we were so happyyyyyyyyy...*
but, once we went car park to get the car...something scary & unlucky thing happened...
it was what as the owner of the car described...-!/notes/fong-ee/stupid-/192455104135299
it will be a good experience for me.

today, i met up with the IPG's gang & Mr.Chee, my lecturer at Kedah...haha.
he was in Melaka coaching swimming & wished to meet us ><

well, i was the driver today...piu.*like a trick.* =p

i damn HATE what what Stadium Hang Jebat.oh man~damn farrrrrrrrrrrrr from my area...o.o
*now i know the feeling my loves experienced when wanna fetch me.hehe*
somehow, Sir be "the driver" as well...
we brought him ate dim sum & blaaaaaaablaaaa.

& the only photo i took today...o.O
behind was stadium hang jebat.

*pit!!!going Singapore tomorrow morning.
for 3 days...
bb xD

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