Monday, June 6, 2011

those days.

ermm..suddenly stuck. duno where to start, how to blog...

last Saturday, 4/6/11, after having dinner in my uncle's house..
me, sis n my bro went Boston..aha.a new place for me to have gathering v my frens next time.=)
whee..i ♥ the french fries & they love Teh ais over there.i duno why.

that night...
then, we went Secret Recipe to buy birthday cake for my youngest bro.
his birthday is today & we celebrate earlier.-.-
*sounds surprising, but he knew everything =____= *

happy birthday larxxx.
the next day, 5/6/11, my cousin's wedding...muaahaha =)

well, the bridegroom and bride for the day...

love this car so much.i duno why @.@
my cousins - heart u all!!!-.-
haha.this was the effect when she drunk...=p
mii, r u drunk too? put ur head straight!!!=p
oh yeah, i ♥ this pic so muchieeeeeee..

& well, eating dumplings now.hehe
HapPy DUmPlInGs day!

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