Friday, June 24, 2011

Sem 3.

Started my Sem 3 =)
LAST sem for my foundation!!!*finally**wink*
friends in college already started their Degree weh ><

this is just the BEGINNING.

just started this sem for a week.
this was the first week.
but GOOD.fulled of activities...from Sunday until Thursday.

the lectures were relaxing...but...
my lecturers said,
"Welcome back." "Did you all enjoy your holiday?" "Now, is the time to more playing!" "Class, you should have your own study group from now onwards." "Class, you need......." *blaaaaaaa*
Sigh...*scare scare scare*
scare of the final exam.
not only test us on what had we learnt for 1 semester, but all the stuffs for 3 semester.
ahahahaaaa.KILL ME THEN. 

juniors came in...
emmm..the most blissful juniors EVER.
*their orientation week was NOT as what we expected*
skipped...just @%$^&$#!

our campus were having KOT (Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan)
*i love to see people running.& high jump. just love. simply.
& simply don't like long jump & whatsoever. hehe.
besides love to watch someone play basketball.*

woke up at 4 something.
involve in orientate the juniors...
*though was NOT as what we prepared to do & expected, but it doesn't matter.
it was enough coz had fun while working with you all...xD*

the retirement of our Director...
quite a funny director..
the juniors were joining us O.o
wore batik...
doiii, the batik was fulled of wrinkle mark even though i tried my best to iron it.
*don't ever say that i didn't iron my clothes =p *

Friday, today...
hang out with the gang...
went movie- Green Lantern.
& & the handsome green lantern!

"a ring & this one.haa."
the handsome & the pretty!!!
end this post with...

simply like this text
simply =)

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