Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1st Anniversary.

28/6/2011, today.my 1st anniversary at IPDA -.-'''
i would like to call...
sounds better huh.

time flies...
but still, i left 4 years +.
just gone 1 year.ahahahaaaaaa.
it will become my nightmare tonight.

that night...
my heart cried~
"can i don't go for registration?" "will i be able to survive without my family?"
"is this really my choice?*yes, be a teacher is my ambition all the way, but not this course maybe*
"who & what kind of friends will i get there?" ='(((((

28/6/2010, registration day.
i was in blur & lost condition.
i don't know where to go, what to do, who to find,,,,
i got into the main hall alone...searching here & there...
oh man~no one i knew.

I'm here now.
still remember the moment my mom & dad & bros waved & bye at me.
my heart was being teared.
TEARS dropped when i was bathing ><

i thought i was tough enough to face all this.
sometimes, tears will drop itself...o.O
i had no idea =.=

i can't deny that being here i experienced much more than i expected.
mature?mmm...either in my mindset or behaviour.
*i learnt to be independent.*

--left hometown & been far away to study.--
sometimes, it's not an easy business.sometimes, it's great neither.
yet, all kind of stuffs we need to go through by ourselves.
only then we will grow up and experience what life is really meant to be.

no matter is tears or laughter.
i adapt to it.
i had just started my journey =')

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