Friday, June 3, 2011

my ♥s...

i was so excited! & being normal again.==
pit!!!went out with the loves yesterday...
the same things went on...
& what to say when another 2 loves came back to Melaka some more =)

first, went Qi's house to colour Jia's earth o.o
*skipped. we were arguing & kidding while colouring the earth...
& i tried my best ady, Jia..u knew huh..haha*
Qi, u were damn funny when begging ur bro for his help.haha

yesterday was my first time in experiencing Jia's driving skills...pheww~
FAST & yet FAINT @.@
*haha.but was SAFE larxx*
she said, "u never fetch me time gathering make sure you are the driver!"
doii..em larxx!! =p
perhaps, the day come faster! IMY all now =')

then went to fetch Ee...
i thought she were not in mood when she got in the car, scared me -.-
scared to talk with her in the car.
luckily, she became normal after awhile...hehe

yea, we went movie, "Kung Fu Panda"

fair fair fair...=.=
was the only photo in my phone huh.
all in u girls' camera...
will upload when got more photos...x.x
*ok, skip the part which 2 opposed 2 in fought against the popcorn in the cinema & threw popcorn at the opposing side. -.-'''*
ish.the panda was so damn Q when he was a baby huh o.o

aha.then, met Ying at Asam Pedas Claypot.*again...*
had lots of fun when the love who was so damn scared of the cats at mamak stall...
*she was asked to shift her rice & drink to another table..for not made us shamed again =p*

then, i followed Ying's car...
she got lots of stories to tell...
in the car, she told me almost half of her stories.aha.
i asked her to hold on until we reached the place suited to have heart talks...

the place, Sunset Bistro =)

ILY all...!!!
i miss Ling...=(

girls, take good care ya!!!
meet up when August holidays come...♥

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