Wednesday, August 31, 2011

my loves!

yeahhhhh!& yes!
finally hang out with the loves yesterday.
oukay, i admit that my driving skill was.....uh...teehee :)

they are my lovesss!!!

*i miss the girl who is the most noisy one among us*
yesterday was the first time i went Casa de Cafe
i love its surrounding
& the food is reasonable.?i think so.
tasted Nyonya Nasi Lemak.*if im not mistaken.*
LOVE it. :)
emmmm....just dislike the drink i ordered.

at that time, we randomly said wanted to watch "Overheard 2".
...searching for the movie showing time....
"Lets go!"
"still got?so late ady."
"GOT!!9.45pm at DP"
"wait, wait, i finish my rice first"

movie session...***ON!!!***
we were so RANDOM. yet, i like our randomness :)

we rushed back to my house & exchange car with the love.
....rushed to DP....

to watch "Overheard 2"
i LIKE this movie damn much.
though the characters are cunning...
but there is always a story behind this tricky person.

i personally love Daniel Wu in this movie,
cunning but loving..
but he died at the end :'(

lastly, yam cha session...
& got back at almost 3am...
luckily didn't get scolded today.teehee..

*outing with them could keep me update with their personal life =0
i love to hear their life...*

hope to have a midnight movie, "Columbiana" later.
with bro & sis.

you know, we are so random.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


spend time with my family these days...
yesterday went shopping with my sister :)
muahaha.*save my $$*
yesterday watched midnight movie with my brother & sister.
"Final Destination 5"
damn, i thought nobody will watch the same movie at the same time as us, so....
i didn't really dress up myself.
*i mean in a sense that i was wearing shirt & jeans + spec*
is over.
is looking to meet up with my ji mui mun :)
stay tuned.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


phew~is TIME to update my blog!!! :)
oh man~is holiday!!!

hang out with my eldest brother & my sister
that noon, we go Sentral to fetch my bro back :)

then, we go DP.
to make up my friend who wants to do photo shoot with her boyfie.
*oukay, is embarrassing when we make up in between the corridor of DP..*.*
my sis's 'product'?
ok, can't see the make up, rite?i know.
& i look damn haggard.

next, we go secret recepi.
i love high tea. :)
ppl out there, please SLAP me.i look damn exhausted.
i like white dark choc cheese than cheesy choc. but they prefer the latter :(
where is my bro?
spot the ring :)
then, we go the Baboon House :)
this is the first time i go there...
my bro discover it, is his friend's boyfie shop.
wow!!i feel like myself sticking to nature :)
is not a cafe that decorate beautifully...
is natural.
like an old house :)
with a big white dog & cat.
nice place to recommend to my friends next time :)
me & sis share a pork burger & my bro take a lamb burger.
thumbs up!

miss it.
snapping pic with the old mirror outside of the toilet -.-

plus a overall pic of the day...

end this post with the little BB in my house.
he is so Q!
BB is exercising!
BB so happy when playing with my dad.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i'm coming home

addicted to this song recently -- ''Coming Home" by.. (i'm not sure who is it..) o.o
well, am only addicted to the beginning part of the song *not the RAP part*
i'm coming home
i'm coming home
tell the world i'm coming home
Let the rain wash away
all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits
and they've forgiven my mistakes
i'm coming home
i'm coming home
tell the world i'm coming home
YES, i'm coming home VERY SOON.
tomorrow 9pm something bus back Melaka.
safe journey, amitofo :)
going to 'rock' Melaka!!!
i respect u.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

feel great

feel so great after finished the newspaper front page (one of the assignments).
*assignments nowadays have numerous pattern* -.-''
im going to be a reporter, exhibitor, actress or whatsoever.for sure, besides teacher :)
but i couldn't deny that i would feel great after all those :P
better person instead.

oukay, **back to topic**
the device, 'Publisher'.
though it was in your laptop, but u got NO IDEA about it.
yet, YES. we decided to use it to do our work.
from there, we explored, we discovered, we last, we chose to HAMTAM je la!

that afternoon, we consulted Madam.the same day, at night, we rushed for it.
*coz the next consultation was the following day*
ahaha.don't ever do your work in last

it began...
with a blank page + our blank mind on how to use it.

the girl was fighting for..perfect.
we were dog-tired because of it.

the girl is dying for some sleep...o.o
i was nearly the same...o.o

our newspaper front page based on the novel we learnt this semester.

when it was in A4 size...

when it was in A3 size!

**can u spot the difference?! except colour.-.-
it would be HUGE differences when you touched it!
is going to be a real newspaper front page.teehee.
submitted today, high marks come come come near us! =p

oukay, IP period is damn boring...erggghhh!!

girl, stop playing with bear during IP.haha.lecturer is there!!
i was bored!
oukay, BORED of wearing baju kurung...dying for some changes after this coming holiday =)
night, readers :P

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Mr.P ain't a food.teehee
finally, i could taste Mr.P.
tasted it at Restoran Hai Yang with the gang today.
*it settled my dinner for today*
nothing much...
for sure, it ain't delicious as in Melaka one.
but still can consider 6 stars out of 10..

it gave me home feeling...
nothing much to story about today's outing...everything as usual...

oh yeah, i ordered Laksa Melaka as my lunch.
oukay, not my favourite...
it was **speechless**

****night, readers, just wanna introduce what i ate today***

Friday, August 19, 2011

still single?

"why don't you find a boyfie?"
why must?!
"dun bluff!"

ain't easy to love someone.
ain't easy to find someone that love you with his full heart.
love ain't an easy job.
seeing friends went through a lot of challenges with their boyfie...
for sure, some success, some failed.
i scared to see those friends who together for yearsssssss.yet, broke up.

i'm searching....

Monday, August 15, 2011

National day

roomie was one of those 1 Malaysia ethnics, in welcoming the guest.
well...we celebrated National day today.
it was a bit early, isn't it?

last the room.
roomie...testing the cheongsam,,,
"i can't eat tomorrow."
"take a deep breath, roomie!"
"eh,really wanna take my photo?dun want la.shy lehx~"
"faster take la.*smiling+posting*"
"hey,edit leng leng ady send to me."
oukay, well..ignore the background.
it was my place.-.-
i hate the mole on the end of my lips!!!
fair is always not the descriptor that can be use on me :(

Saturday, August 13, 2011

...of the week.

11/8/11. Thursday
we had the second time home-made steamboat.
oh GOSH!!still...we failed to estimate the quantity.
at last, we threw some of the food...
foodie, i don't wish to, sorry :(

12/8/11, Friday
went out with the gang..we went JM mall ><
oukay, as usual, after lunch, movie time =)
we watched "Cowboys & Aliens"
*i surrender~ the cinema has none of any nice movies. the gang wished to watch "Apes" ( spelling, is it correct?i don't know what movie is that though.hehe).haiZzz!!*
*forgive me, if i'm OUTDATED. but i know that i am.*

girls, pandang mana ni?-.-
oh yeah, a new member joined us, Le Yi.(funny & clever girl)
aha!today, 13/8/11
i stayed in the hostel.
OH MAN!DAMN!no water supply in the hostel from this afternoon till now!

i'm dying for water now!
but, i'm in love with the weather today =)

it's raining, heavily though.
but i love it.
* had been a period of time did not rain here.*
*how come i feel like myself is an Africa victim or what?*o.O - life is hard huh.

oh hohoo~i did my LDS homework--insert an idiom in the drawing.

this afternoon, colouring session--- product: kindergarten's work.

let me be, k.
**********ohh~the love said my words in the previous post very obvious wor...****
HEHE.nobody will care...anything.

i get rid of him already.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i'm lost.

OoPPsS! i got scolded by the love two days before, *well, was in a pleasant way*...
the reason was that i didn't update my blog for a period of time already...HEHE

i duno why i didn't do so. IT'S not ME?not my style?
well, i got something to tell everyday...
i need heart-talk.
i need someone listen to me..he or she just needs to pay attention & their patience for me.HEHE
even if so, i duno where to start the talk.

but just...i duno what to to blog those stuffs..
so, in a simpler way, don't need to blog then.
will blog more often, in a condition that when i'm free ><

recently, busy with classes, assignments, presentations lorxxx...-.-
scare of the FINAL exam.god bless me~
argh!!FIGHT till the end, girl!

this little child is motivating me.
**am waiting patiently for the holiday to come :)**

*******is he injured?********
curious...i feel like want to know..
what for if i know?!