Saturday, August 13, 2011

...of the week.

11/8/11. Thursday
we had the second time home-made steamboat.
oh GOSH!!still...we failed to estimate the quantity.
at last, we threw some of the food...
foodie, i don't wish to, sorry :(

12/8/11, Friday
went out with the gang..we went JM mall ><
oukay, as usual, after lunch, movie time =)
we watched "Cowboys & Aliens"
*i surrender~ the cinema has none of any nice movies. the gang wished to watch "Apes" ( spelling, is it correct?i don't know what movie is that though.hehe).haiZzz!!*
*forgive me, if i'm OUTDATED. but i know that i am.*

girls, pandang mana ni?-.-
oh yeah, a new member joined us, Le Yi.(funny & clever girl)
aha!today, 13/8/11
i stayed in the hostel.
OH MAN!DAMN!no water supply in the hostel from this afternoon till now!

i'm dying for water now!
but, i'm in love with the weather today =)

it's raining, heavily though.
but i love it.
* had been a period of time did not rain here.*
*how come i feel like myself is an Africa victim or what?*o.O - life is hard huh.

oh hohoo~i did my LDS homework--insert an idiom in the drawing.

this afternoon, colouring session--- product: kindergarten's work.

let me be, k.
**********ohh~the love said my words in the previous post very obvious wor...****
HEHE.nobody will care...anything.

i get rid of him already.

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