Sunday, April 24, 2011

what is life?

during LDV periods, Madam asked us to discuss in group about euthanasia.
she asked us to be open-minded in this issue.try to forget our religion first.

it was about a story which a father involved in a car accident and the doctors said he was "brain dead". he had 2 young children. he kept alive on a feeding tube and a respirator that breathes for him. he was unconscious and doctors believed he will ever recover.
should we allow him to die or spend a huge number of $$ to keep him on those machines?

most of the girls said kept him alive, there was always hope & miracles would happened in our life. we have no right to decide one's fate.
but guys all seems like chose allow him to die.
it was not the matter of guys were cruel than girls, but this is the reality and this is life.

Madam told us about her cousin. it was 2 years ago.
he was in the same condition as the father in this story.

"class, if you really know what "brain dead" is really all about, you would change your perception"
""brain dead" is that he can't hear you & his brain is not functioning at all."
"it would be the most hard decision for the family to decide to allow him to one would like this kind of job.don't we?"
"we pray to keep him alive."
"sometime things is out of our control but this is reality."
"it was a story.but when it really hits us, we don't know how to react."
"this is life.we cannot control it.but we can learn to be more mature after the would be another experience for us."
"Experience is the best teacher."

i was touched by Madam's words & tears almost fall down.
imagine that you are the family.........
when this kind of thing really hits on us or the one we love,we would not that calm and steady anymore......

"things always out of our control".
this is life.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

welcome 19th.

Family's part:

happy to receive calls from the family members.
1st time my phone rang so many times within a day. aha.
i know they're going to treat me a great meal during June holidays or buy me something something huh.=p
ILY All.

Ji mui's part:

yesterday night they said they wanna web cam with me,but my damn Celcom line here failed to do it.. 
haha..the time they were so angry & posted RUDE words on my wall..
my 1st thought was, oh my goodness!what's wrong with them?
but,,, *as who they are, usual things* =p 
especially Jia, patient~
am feel kinda sad..hor!why the line so bad at that time!O.o
am still wonder what they gonna do if i can on the web cam.SAD.SERIOUSLY. ='(
seems to be a *imperfect birthday*

IMY all of uuuuu, Qi, Ee, Jia, Ying & Ling.

the love, Ee.
when did u start become so sweet?=p
*especially for u, nee.*hehe.dun u use this cake again during others birthday huh!is only for me!
 u did win my  early in the yesterday morning. 
though is not the real cake in front of me.but i did appreciate it.
thx, babe..
*but do remember to treat me real Nadeje cake when i go back Melaka during the June holidays.=p*

IPG gang's part: 

seriously, i thought they really forgot my birthday.
as we were all busy for the Language Camp last few days......
am feel damn down~but i pretend tough & "don't care" in front of them.o.o
i didn't receive any wish,
they didn't talk about my birthday at all..ggrrrrr...!!!

yesterday noon we went out...they seem like really forgot.

at new town, ordered lots of food.& i duno why.
finally tasted the 'ice kacang' there.=)
after lunch, we went movie-  "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never."
phew wit~we were high for a few moments when he looks at us.-.-'''
"who wants to be my baby?"-Justin Bieber.
they only said, "hey, we didn't buy anything for u as ur present, so, we treat you movie k~*
then we went back.

at night, almost of the gang only sent me the present.
surprised actually.-.-'''
am was mumbling at roommate that they forgot my birthday...
the present.oh yeah,"my star is not complete"-winnee.
only you all know what's my quote for star stand for huh.*.*
all seems well-prepared for your dramatization huh..acting skill is so good.
& actually my roomie is one of the actress in this 'show'.><

*thx for all the great wishes in fb & messages as well.
from my friends...
♥ ya.*

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Language Camp

aha..Language camp finally over...but it seems to be a good news and bad news for all of us.
we gonna miss those moments....
and we gone through a lot in this camp.
the best is the experience!

17th April is the registration day and some briefing for this camp.
1st of all, our name tag for this camp...=)

the fellow spell wrong my name once again.ggrrrr...!!!
enjoyed in the last session of the day, Moral session.
it was not a very "moral".kinda about teaching and life...

us + lecturer in charge.=)
those quotes still running in my mind...
-"Teaching is a Lifelong Journey."
-"We are responsible for our attitudes." 
-"We cannot control the beauty of our face, but we can control the expression on it." and lotsss..

18th April, 1st day of this camp...
in a condition that full of energy..!
having opening ceremony...

director of IPDA+head of Eng department+our president.=)
having treasure hunt once again, and those pic had been uploaded and tagged by friends in fb.what the...-.-
then newspaper in education and
designing Giant Bookmark...they were very creative.good job!

preparation...*my group*am didn't involve.
like this...i mean the snow.=p the organizer.only had to see people work.=p
all of them done a very good work.their Giant bookmark...
19th April, 2nd day of this camp...
in a condition.. loss of energy...
having school visit..woohoo~
had action songs and games to play with the children.
we taught them how to dance & sing & play with them.
from 8am till 1pm.
feel so good when those children shouting excitingly and said,
"Hi, teacher!" "Good morning, teacher!" "Thank you, teacher!"'
spot the red shirt boy beside me.his eyes...piu~*pretty*.actually we planned to take pic with him only.those are just...=p
then having educational visit...
we went paddy museum.

the paddy museum in Kedah.

 NICE painting in the museum, painted by Korean artists.
lots of equipments behind us are used to produce paddy. i think.hee
she's enjoy kissing by me.o.o wonder what's the guy doing??*spoil the pic*
huge gang uh...

at night, having practising for nursery rhymes to be presented for the children the next day.
practiced and prepared costumes till late night.=.=

20th April, last day of this camp...
damn tired~ energy=0%.
but the activities still need to continue.
having nursery rhymes session with the school children in the hall..
they were the judges for our performance.had lots of fun.all the training teachers had lots of different talents huh.aha.

we loves to play with them.
have a seat, child.=p
memory.*spot me.*at LHS.
then, prepared for the closing ceremony.

happy to come to the end...
my classmate, Srawakian, Reen.
 luckily, the reflection session had been shift earlier.
we no need to stay till late night.thx God. everyone felt relief for that moment.
seriously, we need rest & sleep.

the end of Language Camp.

*we no need to rush here and there anymore.
we no need to stay until late night anymore.
we no need to sleep for only 4 or 5 hours anymore.
we no need to rush back to hostel to change clothes anymore.
we no need to rush while bathing anymore.
we no need to..........*

though we know everything will come to an end,at those tiring moments we still hope that it will over asap.
but when it really come to the end, we had a mix feeling..we feel sad & we hope it continues...

those moments will be the memories for all of us...
i will keep it in my heart forever & ever.

*today no e.yeepii.
going to pizza as celebration with the gang later.
we need entertainment after MUET & this camp.really tiring.*

& it didn't over, our drama coming soon...