Saturday, April 23, 2011

welcome 19th.

Family's part:

happy to receive calls from the family members.
1st time my phone rang so many times within a day. aha.
i know they're going to treat me a great meal during June holidays or buy me something something huh.=p
ILY All.

Ji mui's part:

yesterday night they said they wanna web cam with me,but my damn Celcom line here failed to do it.. 
haha..the time they were so angry & posted RUDE words on my wall..
my 1st thought was, oh my goodness!what's wrong with them?
but,,, *as who they are, usual things* =p 
especially Jia, patient~
am feel kinda sad..hor!why the line so bad at that time!O.o
am still wonder what they gonna do if i can on the web cam.SAD.SERIOUSLY. ='(
seems to be a *imperfect birthday*

IMY all of uuuuu, Qi, Ee, Jia, Ying & Ling.

the love, Ee.
when did u start become so sweet?=p
*especially for u, nee.*hehe.dun u use this cake again during others birthday huh!is only for me!
 u did win my  early in the yesterday morning. 
though is not the real cake in front of me.but i did appreciate it.
thx, babe..
*but do remember to treat me real Nadeje cake when i go back Melaka during the June holidays.=p*

IPG gang's part: 

seriously, i thought they really forgot my birthday.
as we were all busy for the Language Camp last few days......
am feel damn down~but i pretend tough & "don't care" in front of them.o.o
i didn't receive any wish,
they didn't talk about my birthday at all..ggrrrrr...!!!

yesterday noon we went out...they seem like really forgot.

at new town, ordered lots of food.& i duno why.
finally tasted the 'ice kacang' there.=)
after lunch, we went movie-  "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never."
phew wit~we were high for a few moments when he looks at us.-.-'''
"who wants to be my baby?"-Justin Bieber.
they only said, "hey, we didn't buy anything for u as ur present, so, we treat you movie k~*
then we went back.

at night, almost of the gang only sent me the present.
surprised actually.-.-'''
am was mumbling at roommate that they forgot my birthday...
the present.oh yeah,"my star is not complete"-winnee.
only you all know what's my quote for star stand for huh.*.*
all seems well-prepared for your dramatization huh..acting skill is so good.
& actually my roomie is one of the actress in this 'show'.><

*thx for all the great wishes in fb & messages as well.
from my friends...
♥ ya.*