Saturday, April 2, 2011

my bro.

he was so emotional yesterday night..he make me cried..because of his words..

and i told him i cried ,he only replied me "nothing la,it was all passed things.sleep lo.nitez."
and i would like to say this is my bro.
after make me cried,then act like nothing happened.o.o
luckily i was together with my gang here,gave me tissues and calm me down.haha.
and you make my eyes swelling now,my bro. O.o

i would say that each family has its own problem...and my family is not excluded.
but we did support each other all the way..cause we are family and everything start with family and end with family though other things may change us. ♥

maybe is caused of Qing Ming Day you are more emotional...

for those things that you are our lovely grandma..
it's never too late,bro.=)
grandma, she will be very happy with grandpa in the heaven she knows we love her and grandpa.this love will be forever.
and nothing could change that. =)

"when you feel hurt and your tears are going 2 drop.Please look up and have a look at the sky.If the sky is still vast, the clouds are still clear,you shall not cry because my leave doesn't take away the world that belongs to you." ♥

but anyway,thanks for sharing those things with me,bro.
this are the things that i won't speak out when i meet you.
and thanks for taking care for all of us all the way & all the time..

btw, you know what..u should write your own blog and express your feelings with words.
maybe one day someone read your blog and you may earn $$.aha. -.-'''

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