Sunday, April 3, 2011

thx deera.

thx pretty.ooppsss...!i used to call you pretty.*.*

haha.i thought you won't care what i said this afternoon,as i only simply said so.cause the weather is damn
"pretty, where r you going?i wanna eat ice-cream, buy me.hehe"
then you tease me.and said the ice-cream will melt before you reach hostel.then, bye bye.

at last,you shared me your ice-cream huh.=0

sharing this with roomie.we did try to snap photo in the room.but......*very "excuse me".ehem worxxx.can't post here.><*
she said, you better keep it in your phone enough.-_______-

*Speaking test is hard.*
people,pray for me.amitofo.=)

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