Friday, April 8, 2011

busy week.

going to be very busy from now onwards. April will be a damn busy month for us.
full of assignments, presentations, camps, and drama, 'Macbeth'.....e_e

yea, after finish the consultation with lecturer and settled our script, now is the time for us to have rehearsal with our own group..we may start from next week..but some already stated..phew~
we're going to settle a lot of problems, the costume, props, backdrops, sound, lighting, make-up.. that are needed in this drama....haha.-.-''' *luckily, my group ady settled some..fine..=p*

Sunday having oral presentation... and drama discussion...
Monday we were having a hockey's competition...Mr. Chee said, "i thought you girls will play very gentle, but you girls played till quite violence...good job, girls." haha.dun look down us, Sir.o.o
my group is champion for the moment.=) will compete again next week.
am admire one of my classmate, Wawa. for me, she played the best among us.she can apply all the skills in the competition..luckily, that day my group wasn't VS her group.aha.
but we going to compete with her group next week maybe.=..=

as an evidence for this competition...ahaha...*can you see me?*o.O
long time didn't sweat so much ady...*ugly.ppl, please.ignore.*
*pictures took from pretty's album*

Tuesday, after PJ, we went for gym...sounds pro huh.><
i only realized my campus got gym...hehe..

as an evidence we went gym...aha.see the gang...gym-ing hardly.
this week so stress...must have some entertainment this weekend! =)

yea, today, after lunch, we went for movie again.
i wanna watch "Don't go breaking my heart", a Hong Kong my love ask me to watch!she said is damn nice! but JM cinema dun hv..*really break my heart saje* ='(

looks nice right...ggrrrr..!!
what to do, haiZzz..
nvm last, we watched "The Ghosts must be crazy"..

eerrr...for me, is quite scary..i duno what am i scared of -.-
Wow. this movie full house wehxxx..4 of us have to separate..was a weird seats. 2 sit at the end of the row at left hand side and 2 sit at the end of the row at right hand side..& was 1 up and 1 down = sits alone..
really full house...-.-
& i cannot stand the couple sit beside me, u know larx, when a couple watch a scary movie...what did they do.....piu~ & behind me was a couple too.@@
when we watch this movie till halfway, the screen suddenly black out..whoo~is a ghost's movie some more.
i was  scared for a minute actually..but the cinema got a lot of people, im steady.hehe

after movie...
the gang...
=( cannot wear pretty pretty at here...every time T...lame....=.=

ehehehee...i love to snap picture..anytime.*but! when i look OK larx of course..*
she said, "i wonder why you like to snap picture in the toilet.ggrrr..><"

having MUET this coming Monday and Saturday.
May God bless me.
amitofo.lao tian ye po pi po pi.

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