Friday, July 29, 2011


feel happy for my eldest brother...=)
let's photos tell the rest of the story....
you're so happy, 大嫂 =p
the ring = their love
stay sweet,,,
when the 2 families come together...
the first time we were having steamboat in hostel...*though it was strictly prohibited to bring rice cooker in the hostel...who cares?=p*

well, luckily, we have 2 much like chef in my gang.

when we shop for the food, we thought of bought everything DOUBLE.
in case it was not enough for 5 of us.

we started preparing....
*a girl went to church.she was absent
she couldn't enjoy the happiness throughout this whole process -.- *
i was enjoyed =0

while in the pastry...
preparing...i was the one like to take their natural photo :0
since i was "too natural" was better for me not to appear then...*.*

though is not what grand food as what we ate in our home nor outside steamboat...
but it was nice to us.
*oukay, although i miss Melaka steamboat so muchieee...-.-'''*

taadadaa! our product...*less food though...*


party time...
we made tomyam soup.
***cooking cooking cooking....*
while waiting....
***eating session***
1st round, we accelerate to the max!
2nd round, we decelerate...
3rd round, we s l o w...& s  l  o  w...
4th round, we waved WHITE FLAG to the max!

we kept some for the girl went to church...& some for my rommie...o.O
only we could finish it....OMG.
we were so damn fulled.i feel like i was going to burst in the next minute.
we estimated the quantity for 5 person.

the matter is....we failed.
the end, readers.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


just came back from pizza hut...celebrated 圈圈's birthday there...
oukay, we messed up the pizza shop...we don't wish to...:(
was the present we wrapped too many layer already...HEHE

this is the birthday girl i was talking about in my last blog post...

we knocked her door yesterday midnight,
we sang her birthday song + a fake birthday present wrapped with A4 paper & some drawing on it...o.O
we made her felt so sad with a cheap present yesterday, was just that she dare not said that she was sad.aha

tAdAA!special & secret present from US =)

spot the birthday present!
HAHA.she was shocked when we appeared in the pizza hut
& carried a slice of Fairy birthday cake ><
oukay, was quite shame though...sang birthday song again~
enjoy your day, 圈圈 =0
the day ended with shopping at JM...-.-'''

Monday, July 25, 2011

first time.

tehee...i'm so happy today =0
nothing special, but this is the first time, my family came and visit me here.-.-
*last time was only my brother and his fiancee (yea, no more calling "girlfriend" huh, my bro? =p ) came*

well, they went Penang for my brother's registration on Sunday,
*for your knowledge readers, he's going to get married this December, 24/12/20011, what a nice day =) *
so, today, they passed by Kedah...came & visit their daughter or their sister :)

i could be very happy about it.
i knew quite a number of my friends here live near to their house, yet, they never ever had my feeling today.*errr...some had, maybe?* whatever.
oukay, they said they would like to eat DELICIOUS Chinese food.
well, sincerely, i had NO IDEA about it as i was in Jitra, Kedah.
maybe there is, is just that i haven't explore it yet.
So, i brought them to Jitra Mall...o.o
- New Town cafe...-_______-

*no photo taken today, they refused to take :(*
waiting for my sis to upload those photos in Penang.i know she will.hehe
the only one i could find in fb now.

daddy, i was so excited when i saw u standing in front of my hostel & glanced around for your daughter...*don't scare, i won't have a boyfriend here.hehe.* 
it reminds me those time while i was in school & you were waiting in front of the school's gate to fetch me back...hehe 

mummy, ah doiii.your new hair's colour and hair style gave me a big surprise *.*
hehe.this is my mom, she likes to try different hair's colour and style.=p
still PRETTY.

my eldest brother, the most blissful man...but the most busy & frustrated man within this few months...until his wedding...oukay, i haven't praise you yet. saw your photos..u look young when u set your spiky hair during the registration.=p

my second elder brother, he was absent.he didn't join the trip.bro, how's the life in KL?fine?i hope to see you during my August holidays...can i book you first? =)

my youngest brother, the funny guy...but the most choosy one ...the one who like to complain about food, place, whatsoever. his ideology: i wan things that are expensive, quality & can stay long. oh yeah, don't forget to buy me a branded watch..u're going to, don't you?hehe.

my sister, the most blissful girl...she just received a Samsung Galaxy S2 from her boyfriend...don't feel like mention the price here...yeeeee!! *argh, reader, google this phone when you're free* ish...shit.envy you for this moment...hehe. stay sweet with him k. =)

there is always laughter when we are together ^^

*going to give a birthday girl surprise at 12 o'clock later.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

to deera


no need feel SAD for him anymore!
no need CRY for him anymore!
*well, i hope i won't have to supply u toilet tissue anymore!bluekxxx*
*i hope i won't see a crying BaBy in front of my door during midnight*

HE'S NOTHING and mean NOTHING for you from now onwards!
since he's the one who don't appreciate you... 
like what you said it was useless to be in a relationship with him.
he will regret one day! 
who he thinks he is.
Shit off.
by the way, your new hair cut did give me a big surprise.haha

i will support you no matter what. *cheh eh~macam grandeur huh.haha*
i will support your decision. 
*promise is the decision that you want & that you won't look back of this relationship anymore*

i will always be by your sides when you need me most =)

                                                                                                   sincerely, your Nee nee =p

Friday, July 22, 2011

insects' diary

or i should call them BUGS. whatever.

OMG. i scare i will get kill by insects within this few months.
someone please save me.gggrrrrrrrr...!!!

oukay, i hate Kedah's insects' season!
due to the paddy's harvest.people are reaping those insects are being interrupted....

this happened few weeks before i think...-.-
they love to visit at 8 or 9 something at night everyday.
these insects love light so muchieee.
please tell me how to survive without light.
its even love to "visit" my laptop screen. *it's light what*
my room, toilet, FULLED of colour, brown colour...shit off can?! 0.O

i hate green colour one the most!
when its bite people, OMG.
### the process is......###
you would feel...
painful ---> itchy ---> scratch the bitten area ---> red dot appear ---> bitten area might swollen (if serious one) ---> itchiness maintain for few daysss/ week ---> leave SCAR!

besides, i hate the insects the most is they will leave SCAR after recover!!!
it's useless if i want to upkeep my skin...:(

*picture taken 10min before...imagine after hourssssss*
spot them!
niteZzz, reader *.*

Monday, July 18, 2011


is it that HARD to terminate a broadband?!

i went to celcom centre which near JM the last 2 weeks, the fellow asked me to change the setting then the connection would become fast.
what the...!!still the same.SLOW like hell!

last week, i went to another celcom centre, but was near Yawata.
the fellow told me that i needed to go Alor Star in order to terminate it.
as i don't wanna to waste time & $$ for this broadband,
i asked the fellow whether i could do it in Melaka.
the fellow said yes.
so, i ask my sis to do it.
who knows ...
the fellow over there said need a letter for permission from the owner & ic. 
or else, the owner need to come over.

so i went to Alor Star last Friday.
unluckily, when i reached there, they closed.-_______-"""


today, i went to Alor Star once again.
(as my class dismissed earlier)


Friday, July 15, 2011


today is our Alor Star day...><
there's no more entertainment for us here...we just can go this far--Alor Star...
oukay, went there...we must,,,
eat McDonald, "shopping" (seriously, a BIG problem, there is NOTHING to shop).well, i should say Kedah has nothing.
then, as usual, we called Aunty to fetch us usual we ate "西刀鱼丸" *yummy!!!*...
the one special today...we went garden & ate mangosteen & durian there...-.-'''
ok, i was damn tired...

the topic among my gang recently is BoyFrIeNd...=....=
we seem desperate to have a boy, but NO.
at least for me is not really...haha
this stuff...i have lost my confidence...
i feel like i don't deserve anyone's love..

sometimes, when i saw those girl friends having conflicts with their boy...
even is my own sister, i "luckily i don't have a boy"
but sometimes...i do really need someone stand beside me, support me, protect me...

as a conclusion, i give it to God.
i believe in FATE, maybe i shall say like this...=)
i will follow my intuition IF ONLY i meet the one who puzzled me...


sudut kanak-kanak.

Yesterday, since we didn't have Moral class,
& as what the Moral lecturer asked us to do...
was went library to do our own research for assignment...
but, hehe.

we went to sudut kanak-kanak (child's corner) for that 2 hours "research" xD
*sometimes, we were being influence by the peers?haaa...*

we became little children as we entered there.
we played around...we laughed...we ENJOYED...
until the librarian & the students peep at US.
*owh...skipped the part which i was shaming myself there*

we snapped pictures...o.o


the one i like to pampered with...aha
we played lots of child's games..
clay, stack them, billionaire, singing, puzzles, etc.
there was lotsss of story book for children...*wink*
like it.
well, the evidences...

those Primary School Teacher.

oh yeah...
*continue from last post*
spot the pretty!!
oukay, niteZzzz.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

pieces of these days.

we were having Welcoming Party.
sort of seniors welcome the juniors...
this party only for Teslian.hehe
*well, BuBu becomes my entertainment recently..*.*
at 1st, feel odd when people said "Hi, senior." "Morning, senior." "hey, she is my senior"
erm..gotta get use of it then. -______-
random pieces for that day..
i don't know what's wrong with this pic.
the pretty MC for the day, Crystal.

today..having photography session for the yearly college journal... HEHE
this session will be the only moment that all of us,
i mean all my classmates sat down quietly & take a shoot seriously...
until now...i think we all never ever have a 1 whole class , a perfect family's photo, except this.
*glad**wink wink*
*wink*the moment everyone wore their blazer, pit!
no matter what, future teacher huh -.-'''

Let me, ok?=.=
the funny one, Terence.

i simply like this sentence --- just simply?
maybe there's a reason behind it.
"我想哭,可是我已经不知道该怎么流泪了" copied from my roommate's blog.
it suits my feeling recently...
*oukay, i know deera is going to say i'm so jiwang (sentimental) if she read my blog, huh.stalker?but i think she won't read my blog tonight. she's just busy with her boy(the luckiest guy in the world).*

*i keep on remind myself to be happy...
sometimes, i just couldn't do it.don't ask me why.
there's still will be the same reason & that i'm not going to say it out here.
maybe, maybe, maybe one day...I WILL.*

Friday, July 8, 2011


I pray so hard to get a thing, but useless...
the fact was "NO". it said "NO" to me.

the reality is so cruel...
it damaged my one and only...glimmer of hope.
feel sad and hurt, who knows...
i was tired in pretending...
in front of YOU ALL too...who knows...

sometimes, i wish to live in my own world, can i?

So, i learned to...
"Let it be." - quoted by my pretty friend here, Crystal.=)

the world is changing, i have to adapt and live each day at a time.

"When you finally let go of the past, something better comes along."
amitofo. =)

Monday, July 4, 2011


i should have post this yesterday...
people always said that 24 hours in a day is just not enough...
isn't it?

i was emo-ing yesterday...
early in the morning...i don't feel good.
PLEASE!!!when lecturer asked us to do something,
please don't chit-chat with the guys & do nothing!
though it was just a small matter.i could get angry,
maybe it was because the accumulation of my anger all this time towards her.
& the day before....argh!!! sometimes i'm speechless.
i don't know why, for me, once she talked,
i could feel that she was SHOWING OFF! come huh?!

& i can be kind to you if you got your work done!

**ok, by the way, the warmest moment was when i hugged my roommate.
(well, she was just passed by my class when the time i don't feel good)

i could feel that there is still some kindness & warmness in this world.**
there was still many things that made me feel sad.
my dogs, my family, my studies, my friends......

sometimes, i don't feel like talking to anyone or give comment to anything..sometimes, there will be a trouble when you speak too much.

things will just be nice if we don't over the proper limits.

maybe i'm quite negative to all this things...
but it was just the way things are...
i will go through it & there will be clear picture for see...
what kind of person you are!!!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

i miss "them"

feel so sad right now...
though i received this shocked news since yesterday night,
but i couldn't call back home to inquire more info about "her"...
coz it's too already in their dream land...
seriously, i feel like crying at that time.

rest in peace, please ='')
we had them for years...
they were sister...=')
though sometimes they were naughty...but we still love them.
bath them, feed them, play with them...

this evening, i called mii...

through the conversation with her, i could feel that she was so sad.
my heart felt like bleeding as well.
i don't know how to comfort her.
last time, it was the elder one.
this time, it was the young one..
she said, "last time, i was so damn upset when i heard the shot of the gun & got to know that it was our dog got shot by the F*** M*M*!!!luckily i didn't saw the "crime" by myself."
she continued..."this time, the dog got bitten by snake...the dog lied in front of the gate door & bleeding...its take it last breath for a few seconds &..." :(

it was the end of their destiny...
they don't belong to us anymore....

this was fate.

*xiao hui & xiao zhu, rest in peace ya...=')
u two left me memories that i couldn't describe by my words...*