Monday, July 4, 2011


i should have post this yesterday...
people always said that 24 hours in a day is just not enough...
isn't it?

i was emo-ing yesterday...
early in the morning...i don't feel good.
PLEASE!!!when lecturer asked us to do something,
please don't chit-chat with the guys & do nothing!
though it was just a small matter.i could get angry,
maybe it was because the accumulation of my anger all this time towards her.
& the day before....argh!!! sometimes i'm speechless.
i don't know why, for me, once she talked,
i could feel that she was SHOWING OFF! come huh?!

& i can be kind to you if you got your work done!

**ok, by the way, the warmest moment was when i hugged my roommate.
(well, she was just passed by my class when the time i don't feel good)

i could feel that there is still some kindness & warmness in this world.**
there was still many things that made me feel sad.
my dogs, my family, my studies, my friends......

sometimes, i don't feel like talking to anyone or give comment to anything..sometimes, there will be a trouble when you speak too much.

things will just be nice if we don't over the proper limits.

maybe i'm quite negative to all this things...
but it was just the way things are...
i will go through it & there will be clear picture for see...
what kind of person you are!!!


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