Tuesday, July 26, 2011


just came back from pizza hut...celebrated 圈圈's birthday there...
oukay, we messed up the pizza shop...we don't wish to...:(
was the present we wrapped too many layer already...HEHE

this is the birthday girl i was talking about in my last blog post...

we knocked her door yesterday midnight,
we sang her birthday song + a fake birthday present wrapped with A4 paper & some drawing on it...o.O
we made her felt so sad with a cheap present yesterday, was just that she dare not said that she was sad.aha

tAdAA!special & secret present from US =)

spot the birthday present!
HAHA.she was shocked when we appeared in the pizza hut
& carried a slice of Fairy birthday cake ><
oukay, was quite shame though...sang birthday song again~
enjoy your day, 圈圈 =0
the day ended with shopping at JM...-.-'''

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