Tuesday, July 12, 2011

pieces of these days.

we were having Welcoming Party.
sort of seniors welcome the juniors...
this party only for Teslian.hehe
*well, BuBu becomes my entertainment recently..*.*
at 1st, feel odd when people said "Hi, senior." "Morning, senior." "hey, she is my senior"
erm..gotta get use of it then. -______-
random pieces for that day..
i don't know what's wrong with this pic.
the pretty MC for the day, Crystal.

today..having photography session for the yearly college journal... HEHE
this session will be the only moment that all of us,
i mean all my classmates sat down quietly & take a shoot seriously...
until now...i think we all never ever have a 1 whole class , a perfect family's photo, except this.
*glad**wink wink*
*wink*the moment everyone wore their blazer, pit!
no matter what, future teacher huh -.-'''

Let me, ok?=.=
the funny one, Terence.

i simply like this sentence --- just simply?
maybe there's a reason behind it.
"我想哭,可是我已经不知道该怎么流泪了" copied from my roommate's blog.
it suits my feeling recently...
*oukay, i know deera is going to say i'm so jiwang (sentimental) if she read my blog, huh.stalker?but i think she won't read my blog tonight. she's just busy with her boy(the luckiest guy in the world).*

*i keep on remind myself to smile.to be happy...
sometimes, i just couldn't do it.don't ask me why.
there's still will be the same reason & that i'm not going to say it out here.
maybe, maybe, maybe one day...I WILL.*


  1. 君君宝宝疼疼~XD

  2. hehe...oukay=) then u must heart me more k -.-'''