Friday, July 15, 2011


today is our Alor Star day...><
there's no more entertainment for us here...we just can go this far--Alor Star...
oukay, went there...we must,,,
eat McDonald, "shopping" (seriously, a BIG problem, there is NOTHING to shop).well, i should say Kedah has nothing.
then, as usual, we called Aunty to fetch us usual we ate "西刀鱼丸" *yummy!!!*...
the one special today...we went garden & ate mangosteen & durian there...-.-'''
ok, i was damn tired...

the topic among my gang recently is BoyFrIeNd...=....=
we seem desperate to have a boy, but NO.
at least for me is not really...haha
this stuff...i have lost my confidence...
i feel like i don't deserve anyone's love..

sometimes, when i saw those girl friends having conflicts with their boy...
even is my own sister, i "luckily i don't have a boy"
but sometimes...i do really need someone stand beside me, support me, protect me...

as a conclusion, i give it to God.
i believe in FATE, maybe i shall say like this...=)
i will follow my intuition IF ONLY i meet the one who puzzled me...


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