Friday, July 22, 2011

insects' diary

or i should call them BUGS. whatever.

OMG. i scare i will get kill by insects within this few months.
someone please save me.gggrrrrrrrr...!!!

oukay, i hate Kedah's insects' season!
due to the paddy's harvest.people are reaping those insects are being interrupted....

this happened few weeks before i think...-.-
they love to visit at 8 or 9 something at night everyday.
these insects love light so muchieee.
please tell me how to survive without light.
its even love to "visit" my laptop screen. *it's light what*
my room, toilet, FULLED of colour, brown colour...shit off can?! 0.O

i hate green colour one the most!
when its bite people, OMG.
### the process is......###
you would feel...
painful ---> itchy ---> scratch the bitten area ---> red dot appear ---> bitten area might swollen (if serious one) ---> itchiness maintain for few daysss/ week ---> leave SCAR!

besides, i hate the insects the most is they will leave SCAR after recover!!!
it's useless if i want to upkeep my skin...:(

*picture taken 10min before...imagine after hourssssss*
spot them!
niteZzz, reader *.*

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