Saturday, July 2, 2011

i miss "them"

feel so sad right now...
though i received this shocked news since yesterday night,
but i couldn't call back home to inquire more info about "her"...
coz it's too already in their dream land...
seriously, i feel like crying at that time.

rest in peace, please ='')
we had them for years...
they were sister...=')
though sometimes they were naughty...but we still love them.
bath them, feed them, play with them...

this evening, i called mii...

through the conversation with her, i could feel that she was so sad.
my heart felt like bleeding as well.
i don't know how to comfort her.
last time, it was the elder one.
this time, it was the young one..
she said, "last time, i was so damn upset when i heard the shot of the gun & got to know that it was our dog got shot by the F*** M*M*!!!luckily i didn't saw the "crime" by myself."
she continued..."this time, the dog got bitten by snake...the dog lied in front of the gate door & bleeding...its take it last breath for a few seconds &..." :(

it was the end of their destiny...
they don't belong to us anymore....

this was fate.

*xiao hui & xiao zhu, rest in peace ya...=')
u two left me memories that i couldn't describe by my words...*

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  1. nee nee don't be sad :( i'm sure they're in better place now..