Friday, December 28, 2012


money is the killer.

been promised to myself not to post anything selfish and unhappy in my blog
so I abandoned it for months.

but tonight, I experienced the so-called "heart has broken into pieces"

because of

by the one I respect so much,
love so much,
cause I know she has contribute her everything to this family.
her youth.
trying to be her happy and obedient child everyday,
no matter how hard I tried,
I lose.
I lose.

no one understands what's the feeling I experience now.
-- feeling like a Parasite.
with no earning and dependent on siblings and parents.

relative been posted old photo when we were small.
we were happy family with no worries, no burden.
I miss that.I do.

we grew
and that
I hate.
I hate.

tonight, I am tired.
mentally and emotionally.
I know,
crying can't solve my problem.
I am human.
I need to release my emotion.
I just need a shoulder to cry on.
I promise.

I will be good as the usual me...

Friday, September 14, 2012


the campus has organized Raya celebration and the closing ceremony for National Day celebration.
things went on as usual, as it used to be.
with choir, stage play, recitation of poetry, singing, play of video, etc.
the day ended with Raya celebration,,
and everyone got to eat together.
ate under the rain.
which was the part that I dislike.
it was not grand anymore.

every year, during this event,
i can easily recognize who is the bf for her and who is the gf for him.
those couple will wear the same colour clothes.
they will dress up really nicely.
boys with neat baju Melayu, girls with make-up on + bling bling dresses.

taking photo session was going on this whole day.
everywhere in the hall.
when a boy has two FB account, means what?
he started to get active in another account that he did not add you as his friend nowadays,
when you lost contact with him for months.
means what?
he has secret?he lied?he was hiding from you?he......
the only thing that you know at this moment is that.
he is not single anymore.

he will not be the only choice for you,
he is an impossible.
give up on him and you'll get more choices out there.
If and only if it's so easy to give up...
no worries, no hard feelings, no suffer, no tricks,
easy and simple life.
with pure and innocent thinking.
night world :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Me

has been long time Me never drop by here.
My blog is dead.
Not a clue, anyway.
feel like writing something at this hour, in this cold weather.
who cares what thing, just something or anything not interesting.
my life back to here is bored.
meet her everyday make us suffer.
our conversation in a day will surely be her.
what to do.
hate a person is tired.
busy life get on now.
assignments, presentations, BIG, Sport Carnival, and finally comes to exam.
what kind of life is this?
Me sick of pretending to be happy here.
really sick of it.
teach me how to get rid of this feeling.
I miss him at this hour too.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

'wordy post' :)

I saw a couple in cafe just now.
that time I was taking my lunch with a bunch of friends.
there were a lot of people.all tables were being occupied.
only a table is sat by THEM.
Two of them. :)

the girl put a tupperware covered with a pink lovely plastic bag outside on the table.
then the girl left to buy food.
the boy came from the other entrance and sat down.the same table.

they're together.
and everyone knew that they're together yet they never confess to the outsiders.
*actions sometimes can prove everything*

The boy touched the tupperware and smiled.
and the girl came back.
They sat side by side.
the boy opened up the plastic bag then the tupperware S.L.O.W.L.Y and with CARE.
*seriously, S.L.O.W. -.-*
at the same time, he looked at the girl who sat beside him and he Smiled.
they looked at each other for times and they Smiled.

I supposed it contained the food that the girl cooked for the boy.
after some investigation being carried out by my friend,
It was.
It was salted fish and beans that the girl cooked for him.

and I told her, "I feel like I'm alone in this cafe, watching them as if watching a drama ._."
wish to have such a guy.
A guy who will be grateful and appreciate what he has,
simple & easy meal can filled his heart with love and touch.
A guy who will smile all the time at her
especially he is touched. :)

but she replied me, "Sampat po!have us around u will be enough."
as if slapping me & to wake me up from falling too deep into an impossible relationship.

'when a guy you care for pretend did not see get you,
what you need to do is react in the same way as he did.
-Pretending not to see get him- will do.'
As in pretending did not care about him.

-Taken from FB-

I will let him regret.
and I'm cruel.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

About 15/07/12

That Noon, we were having class photoshoot.
One semester once shot had come.

Look Pro, aren't they? ._.
*but their progress in publishing the journal was a bit uh, S.L.O.W.*

SO, to be advanced.
IS better for us to take our own shot.
and this came...

PISMP BI 1 - Degree 1st year
fyi, the one in the middle of those guys is our Mommy Mentor, Mdm. Suhartina.
little, mini size, cute Mdm in Language Department.
**oh yeah, thanks to ex-roomie in helping us took this shot.
love huh.*
She was actually rushing for her class.
yet, In a rush too,
took one and only one shot on that day.
hen sad jiang ><
That night, I was having IPDA family gathering.
we ate steamboat.

*I realized that I am scare of spicy food nowadays,
am I old ady?oh shit.**

everyone is totally enjoying the Tom Yam soup.
I was like...had myself more and more cups of Ice herbal tea to clear my throat.
emmm..and only enjoyed the plain soup by myself. -.-
I'm not like this one~

anyway, anyhow, forget about it.
and have a look on my family tree.
everyone has their own adopted God sis/bro.
the family tree is quite complicated also.

in short, the one adopted me is  HER.
Ying Tong
then, I adopted hER.
while she adopted heR.
Mei Yeh
 *I know, the last photo should me my sis v heR.
Imma bit ss.*

welcome, MY sis, to the big family.

In a nutshell, haha
this is it.
the BIG family.
adopted adopted adopted.
n other family tree.

END of my day :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

short update

home is not only a shelter for me.
is the place that I can actually rest mentally as well.
with family in home is always the best & perfect ever.
I love them :)

reached Melaka yesterday midnight.
oukay, this is my first time.
i mean came back only on weekend.
tomorrow night imma going back to the jungle.
& Sunday the classes are all ON.
tiring to the MAX!man!
as what she said, "As long As we can back Melaka, everything will only be nothing."

WE still have lonngg way to go.
congrates to all Form 6 friends.
going to study in Uni months later.
I still hoping friends can get Kedah, UUM whatever.
study together in the same state & jungle along with me.hehe
*get the course that we all interested in is the most important k :/
"YOu're the guy,
text HER first."

Friday, June 29, 2012

Anniversary day.

Happy second anniversary, for batch 2010.
& also TESLian Cohort 4 :)

is finally.
today is our second year been in IPDA.
for this moment, i feel like time really flies.
guess I've grown up & matured a little bit compared to last two years when I was still in form 5?
I hope so.
but then, I prefer my secondary school life compare to my life now.
My life now is dull.
I think friends around me thought the same way too.
what to do.
LIFE has no U-turn.

went to Restaurant Sun Garden as our celebration along with two juniors.
*No pic of us is being taken, forgotten*
we were too desperate for the food to be served.
chiang chiang!

simple meal is always the best.

food that's cheap is more tasty sometimes.
I saw my ex-roommate today.
she was walking alone behind her friends.
& her gang were chit-chatting at the other side outside the lab.
I felt like asking her why.
but I did not have the chance to.

we chatted for only 5 mins.
as we were both having lecture.
our conversation was only the place for me to stay.

I must have ask her.
but I hope she do feel that someone is supporting her right behind her
the moment I put my hand on her shoulder :)

Some friends are scary, back stab on you is normal case.

Ex-roomie, be strong AS u always did, oukay?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


do you ever feel like you actually wanna say something that is against the powerful one, something that is from your heart, something that means your real thought on a subject, YET you can't do so.
others may see you as a coward or else the one being bullied.
but they don't know that they actually know nothing about you!
they don't even know what's really happened!
and simply judge on you from their own perceptions.
what they see will always be only the SURFACE of a thing.

To the outsiders,
"Unless your name is Google, if not you don't act like you know F*** everything!"- FB

but the main thing is that
you can't voice out at all.
you can't tell the truth to the outsiders who have wrong perceptions on you.
you wanna explain to them that all is not what they thought of.
they're wrong.
the heart to declare yourself make you suffer.
still, you can't.
at last, you choose to keep quiet on everything happen.
& follow what the powerful's order to do things.
the powerful always want others to follow whatever they say.
& they mean what they say.

luckily, you're still you.
not gonna change for others.

what's life?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

JUNE holiday

i have already stuck for more or less 1 hour on how to start this long-time-ago-should-have-updated-post.
i'm blank.

eermmm..start with the story with loves.
holiday is the only time that I could meet up with them.
that's why am in love with holiday.

this semester break i only be able to meet with 2 of my loves.

our DATE was filled with tonnes of stories that happened around us in the last half year.
*gosh, i can't believe that we actually never see get each other for half year!*
i just can say that, damn.

after listened to their stories, some were really shocking news, k.
felt like "this is what we call LIFE..."
this world is terror.
even people themselves, as if it is not themselves..o.O

**when will be our JiMui full reunion?
I WONDER but hoping for.

har...met the crazyfunny gang too.
we were actually queueing to buy movie tickets,
when it was almost our turn,
the girls only decided not to watch.& so we actually walk out from the queue and passed by the counter just like nobody business, though feel like everyone was staring at us.
huh..we can mia~~

just then, we went to eat & eat & eat..
sushi, black ball, satay celup in hours time..
fat die ><

uh next, Singapore trip with sis & her friends.
one word, HOT. two words, hot die.
one word, tired. two words, damn tired.
but i was really enjoying in this trip. 
happy buy tired a.

credit to the tour guide ya!tq!

i prefer to tweet my feeling & thought nowadays ((:


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

feel goood

when i'm in this jail,
i mean my campus,
there is nothing can make me feel so good..
it is the time for me to go back Home!
not too late nor too early, just TONIGHT!

someone asked me why girls tend to miss their home when they came from far away to study.
is girl's natural instinct maybe?
but some girls are really tough enough and they do not miss their home,
there are some is vice-versa.

it depends on what kind of place that you are in,
as if the "jungle"
for sure matter, you gonna miss home before you come back to continue your studies in the thick "jungle".
i consider my case like this though.
and argh,
is really FARrrr from my

argh...i miss the little one in my home sooooo much.
here comes him..

IMY too. -.-
i know you are missing your mommy & daddy larx.
my mom said he had grown up much.
& i think like that so.
already 2 months never go back,
oukay, i feel like 200 years.
have no chance to see his growth day by day.
i could only update myself through pictures that my sis posted.

i am desperate to see his changes.
he is growing teeth now! :))

actually is it so hard to ask what really happen between us?
is it so hard to know the reasons behind this wound on our friendship?
i'm kinda sad to what had happened to us.
but your attitude tells me that you have given up our friendship.
you have not even give yourself a try to rebuild our friendship.
what can I do?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


i am bored of my life at here!
is already 2 months i'm here,,,

busy with examsss recently...
2 more papers to go.
everyday, i pray hard that it ends faster.
i can't wait i can't stand
i want to go back Melaka.

a lot of things happened recently...
i feel like nobody i can talk to.
how should i start to say all this useless stuffs that happened to me recently?

i have cracked my brain to think of the solutions..
please give me a hint/solution to solve it.

with THEIR accompaniment.
i hardly still can manage it.

*friendship is very FRagIlE!
full of betrayed, hatred & TRICKSss!
though good friend at this moment, the next moment we are StRaNgErS!
is so scary when friends turn into stranger.
isn't it?*

can't we just live in harmony?

Thursday, April 26, 2012


she becomes a stalker recently.
since you enter this campus.

finally she stalk get you.
but you're sooo stingy in sharing your info.

frens asked her & kept on advising her to give up,
is not destined for her.

yet, her eyes keep on looking and searching for you during schooling day.
wth is she doing.
she thought of seeing you in a day then that day would be her perfect day
wth wth...


in fact, they are not possible at all.

she knows that it is the time to give up on you since she first met you.
she is sick of this useless stuffs.

sometimes, she loves, she enjoys FREEDOM.
her promise: back to realistic and keep moving in her life :)


Sunday, April 22, 2012

happy 20th :)

the day has come...
even though i wish it not to.
it still has come to me TODAY.
but i wanna welcome it with my big hand! :)

anyway, this is my very 1st no. "2" in my lifetime.
i have reached my 20th unconsciously.
I am happy with it.

happy 20th birthday to me :)
no matter is wish by text, by FB's wall post/inbox messages/by calls.

anyway, i have received all the wishes from you all.
& yeah, thx for those presents!

**ESPECIALLY received call & texts from the love!yee..
you're so damn sweet, OYJ! & loves!**

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm GLAD u did it.
& LUCKILY u did it.

i know u did it not because of scare.
i know you have matured and knew that someone have to tolerate in the first place.

no matter how, we still have a long way to go..
is more or less 4 years, we STILL have 4 YEARS to go.
anyhow, we STILL have to face each other in those years..

this kind of feeling is better for us Just to keep in our heart.
who knows if we keep it deep in our heart.
it'll just be fine.

tolerance helps us to go through all these unhappy stuffs.
we are now adults,
childish actions/thinking should be erased from now on, in our life :))

anyway, thanks, anonymous  :)))

Monday, April 9, 2012


看完"On call 36小时" 感想莫过于觉得说







Thursday, March 29, 2012

/I'm Back!!!/

i couldn't describe my feeling of stepped into my room yesterday,
joyfulness surrounded me to the MAX!
& yeah!! hooray to it!!
i'm done with my BIG camping
proud of that :)))
as we were the 1st group out of other courses, teehee
we are now the one who went through all those hardship before them all :pp

wholelot of us - Serial 2, Group 1 of programme BIG :))
my worries before going to this camp seemed to disappear after i have done those activities.
i'm so happy that i was able to do it.
especially for rafting, activity that i scared the most.
with the group members' moral support as well as their physical support for me,
i was able to do back-jump-in-water-action.
thanks guys!
somehow, i pray that i will not phobia with water anymore.

the only thing that i gained the most was...
i felt like bruises were anywhere on my body.
caused of jungle trekking :((
i thought i must be tough enough and steady enough to climb up the steep-like-hell hill.
i was able to climb, everyone was able to climb also.
the only matter for me was the process of climbing & felling in it.
-- the reason for bruises on my leg & hand.

**sorry if i was too quiet in the group,
sometimes, i just felt i didn't belong to the group.
sometimes, i just felt hard to speak out & chose to be quiet.

i'm truly sorry, guys!**

i thought u will do something..
who cares just anything..

Saturday, March 24, 2012


BIG (Bina Insan Guru) camping is tomorrow.
4 days 3 nights.

is nothing,
just a 4 days 3 nights camp,
just can't bath properly,
just can't have proper meal.
just can't drink much water than i consume daily & this just simply able
to make me dehydration ,
just will get sunburn all the way.
& just getting darker & darker in my life time.
is nothing, 
somehow, just kill me. why don't?

I'm scare of water!
jungle trekking, hiking, napping, anything that is on the land is OK for me,
but NOT rafting, for sure.
NOT activity.on/in the water/sea.

what to do what to do.

It begins tomorrow.
suan le ba.
ren sheng bu guo ru chi.

today woke up much more earlier than yest.
to attend camping's meeting.
& preparing for out tent.
*i'm happy working with her, Syuhada :))*

somehow, God, please bless me for those days.
anyway, i hope to have a happy & valuable camping :)))

Friday, March 23, 2012


i woke up..eerr..can be counted early today :)))
& getting...
ready to go for my 2nd injection.
still bit painful until now.
but it doesn't matter,
coz i know that is all for my health after all :))
i dreamt of someone yesterday night :(
someone that i should not have dream of.
someone that i do not miss.& had bad memory with.
felt so tired when i woke up.

*people said when you dream of someone = that person is missing you*
but i don't think it's true.
anyway, i know that the person is living in bliss.
that's enough :)
yesterday night,i wonder it's that you?
if yes,
i'm disappointed at you.
i believe in your words
yet, your actions has betrayed you.

i'm such a joke.
taht have put so high expectations in you.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


the thing that i hate the MOST is RUSh!
i'm having a kind of damn-like-hell RUSHING life now.
so, my blog is dead!
it causes me have no sufficient time to even log in to blog/update my blog *it might be a reasons out of my nothing-to-blog-about reasons :p*
even take a fresh breath is a problem for me now.
can you imagine my life over here?HELL.

since i stopped my last post about SBE,
maybe i shall talk something about it.

what can i say was...
Experience is always the Best Teacher! :)))
i couldn't deny it.
SBE let me gained a lot.
from all aspects..i exposed to the running of a school.

some pupils are really adorable, some were just naughty & their badness level--out of my expectations..
some of them even migrated from America/overseas & was forced to study in Chinese school.
they learned really hard to speak Bahasa & Mandarin.
but i believe they can go through it :)))
*due to internet connection problem, unable to upload those photos, is available in my FB.*
when receives texts or calls or saw FB posts from friends that i may neglected sometimes,
their warming messages can lead me to happiness &
is sweet..
love is so MighTy!
i can see it from her.
she is so brave & brave to sacrifice, just for him.
I envy.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


everyone is writing about their 1st day of School-Based Experience (SBE) on FB today.

everyone seems very happy nia.
but, it makes me nervous nia -.-

tomorrow is going to be my turn.
different status,
step into the school.

what is the feeling will be?

have to face them...

adorable adorable adorable.

is better for me to sleep earlier.
god bless me tomorrow.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


last letter to...

*should have turn our mood back to normal, aren't we?*
as things MUST have a dot on it.
i hope that i have put a prettiest dot on it.

- today, everything seriously has gone to memories.

tears enough dropping now.
forgive us to not control well our emotion during your funeral, Sir.
i hope you heard get what did all of us say to you.
i believe you had :')

-you are the bravest person, ever, Sir :')

i always know, is time to let go :')
a four-years once day.
- happy birthday! to those who are born on this date.

- how is my day today?
-- layer cake made up my day :p
*the higher the expectations & hope that i put, the more suffer am I.*
beginning of a new month now, March.
i can't wait to go back Melaka.
tomorrow will be my day.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

our respected one,

it has been a week + i never updated my status here.
until today, a sad news has crashed on me/us.

date for him.
Mr.Leong, our respected PJ lecturer.
*is going to be a post about him* :'')

though you didn't teach us since we entered here.
but we did feel that there was always a kind of connection with you, Sir.

you were funny & kind-hearted *words couldn't describe your best-est personality* 

your smiley face made us miss you the most.

today facebook's posts are all about you.
everyone is writing about those memorable time that they had spent with you when you were here to teach them.
they missed you.
so do us.

received the news of you when we were doing our presentation.
we were so shocked.

i fail to crack my brain for some words describe my feeling at that moment.

since then, we pretended of being good throughout the presentation.
when actually we weren't.

we talked about you today.
in the same cafe in which we had the one & the only one interaction with you last time.
we chat a lot at that time.
you weren't be stingy to share with us about your family stuffs, career stuffs, friends stuffs, etc.

we still remembered that you promised to buy us some paus when you got back from Alor Star after the holiday.
yet, when we got back from the holiday,
you were not coming to campus anymore.

is this all God's will?
for us, at least, had some memories with you.
at the very last moment.......

tonight, the rain seems non-stop.
people always say that raining because God is crying.
tonight, is it you, Sir?

the sea water would have wash away our words.
but it has already carved in our heart.

you will always be remembered.

rest in peace, Sir! :')

Monday, February 20, 2012


went to Jing Si Books & Cafe
with the gang.

our 1st time been there.
it is hard for us to find such a calm place & Chinese-place in this 'jungle'.

people used to study/work at there.
with a cup of tea/coffee/special drinks,
equals to perfect!

but, we weren't went there & study.
we just explored this place accidentally.
as we used to pass by many shops, yet, never really step in.
it was one of our discovery place.

i heart the environment very well.
& heart my drink, Roselle :))))

Friday, February 17, 2012


they seem to accompany her everyday.
some of her sick-stuffs
& must-stuffs when she go to class everyday.

she is sick.

the sun over here is going to burn her up, sometime.
she feel like living in dessert.

the sun is as hot as FIRE.
it made her felt hot till pain sometime.
*that's why she's getting darker at here
the distance between her & FAIR is infinity
man ~ -.-*

don't u realize she is waiting for your next step?!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

 some RoMaNcE, have NO WORDS. 


the V's Day

oukay, though kinda late now,
but still, Happy V's Day!
"once u get the Mr./ Mrs.Right, everyday is V's Day, no worry, no doubt."

i celebrated my V's Day like this...
in such a place like this,
the jungle,
we have no where to go.

secret recepi is the most ideal choice for us. *lame, right?*
eaten the set lunch for our Single V party.

grilled mushroom chicken
dislike the chicken.
spaghetti chicken bolognese
the girl gave up at the end.

fish & chips
argh.the fish...**%^&

next, we cut our hair...
for what?just simply,
& just coincidence on V's Day
"my hair like stop growing eh."
"my fringe very long, i wanna cut also."
"my hair got split end eh."

waiting for the hair stylist.
& the outcome on my hair was...
get me?
beside one got her flat fringe.

desperate 2 kids.
end up my V's day at clinic.
what a V's day!!

Friday, February 10, 2012


everyone is smiling in their day.
so DO I.
i'm steady!
hope to keep up my good work.

woke up early today 
just to hang out with the gang.

after bathing-face, 
went out along with the messy hair, 
& the oedema eyes.
but today, i'm steady enough!
the moment of clicking "share" made me felt steadyyyy :p
cause no more dilemma in me.

she said, "you need to let the fellow know that you're good without him."
i'm good without you.

Thursday, February 9, 2012






Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Jeanix Ling, the new friend of roomie + me.

as what did 3 of us bet yesterday,
who lose in the gambling.
sweets are the bet.
*I'm daren't to risk my $$,
always will be the loser.*

she really brought us sweets & more stuffs than we expected.
one of those,
handmade Mochi.

the mochi kinda sweet wehx...
anyway, thanks ya!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Chinese Valentine's Day

today, OFFICIALLY is the end of CNY :(
which is known as Chap Goh Mei.
which is equal to the Chinese Valentine's Day as well.

highly have the mood of CNY
caused of the celebration in the hall just now.
CNY songs were everywhere in the hall, people were so gay with it.

*well, highly appreciate the afford contributed by the Chinese community*
they had given me a LASTLY & enjoyable celebration of CNY.

i do wish everyone lives in bliss!
& happy single Chinese Valentine's Day :p
gossip-ing with the 'senior' gang really made me happy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


entering a new month.
yeepiii :)

nothing special huh this month.
except for Valentine's day.

happy single Valentine. :)))

i love Kedah for only one and the only one reason.
Sunday- schooling day while Friday & Saturday - weekend.

fortunately, there is a holiday on this upcoming Sunday.
*if it falls on weekdays, i will surely #^#&^.*

holiday is a VIP event for me.
do enjoy it :)))
as well as suffer for it --

Monday, January 30, 2012

T-h-e EnD

CNY: Day 5 & 6

my CNY mood still ON.
& had some outing with my family

but, on the other hand, need to pack my luggage.
getting ready for the studies.

it's over.

life started to get into its Normal mode.

no more midnight outing,
this is the thing i MISS the most in this CNY.

whatever it is.
i'm at here right now, the jungle, Kedah.

what shall i face, i still need to face it.
started to feel my degree year more or less a burden.

life has NO U-turn.
it is always a one way ticket.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

CNY:Day 4

sorry for being updated late.
SICK made me have no energy to do things.
but outing with cousins & friends, i'm still oukay! :p

CNY Day 4, morning session

otw to Melaka Baru o.o
had given to my cousins.
same as last year, we went to Ah Lang Bak Kut Teh.
*sorry m attending it late*
35 of us had eaten an incredible amount $$....

Evening session
had given to THEM, the ex-classmates :)
jolly followed me whenever i'm with THEM.

at my house.
once they reached, hearing the lion dance nearby my house.
they started ran for it.
to take photo with the DAP Melaka, wu liang shan.*i guess*

it was NON-stop visiting to their houses.
as well as receiving ang paussss.

& of course, not forgotten the GAMBLING with them
i believed we all get high to the MAX!
& their alcoholic-ing :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY: Day 3

she reached home bit early tonight.

as nothing much special today.
things seem to be as normal as that..

today might equal to her ribbon day.

begging to God~

CNY: Day 2

1st of all, i have a BIG problem.

MY MOLDsss!!!on my FACE.

i need to enjoy to the MAX!
in the rest of the 4 days...

CNY: Day 2
OTW to Aunt's house.
& the gambling gang yesterday....
for sure, they MUST gambling again.
we could gambling wherever, whenever, whatever we want...o.O

watched "Viral Factor" with them last night.
uh...not really recommended people to watch it though.

but HAD FUN watching movie with them.
NON-STOP talking at all time.
the cinema seemed like OUR place.

after movie, limteh session was NEEDED!!
as a proof...
as well as celebrated cousin's birthday :)

HAPPY bufday!
with her "HUAT!!!" Secret cake.

after gOSSIp-ing, SuUpper-ing...
we went back about 3am *.*

& NICE TO TALK to U :p

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st day of CNY *Part 2*

woke up early in the sunny morning,
Vege food is a must & it would be the utter appetizer to be in my stomach on this joyful day :)

home cook by mom would be the BEST!
abalone, scallop those thingy wouldn't be our choice.

next, waiting for the gang to visit...

this year, everyone show them off with different kind of style.
cheongsam & sunglasses from the cousins would be the striking 1.

& I'm just...
simple as am I.
makeup free though.

the sister.
i don't know :P
uhha, GAMbLIng is the VIP thing!
but this year the amount of people would be lesser than last year.

this year...
smaller circle uh...
Last year,,,
such a big cricle///
till my living room couldn't afford them xD

the amount of people in gambling is always the 2nd thing.
the most important thing would be the fun & joy we had :))))
their shouting & laughter filled my HEART...
this is always enough than enough :))

my dinner time spend with them would be my favourite xD

everyone went home with their tiresome body & mind.

lastly, it would be my...
family photo 2012 :))))
yee!is my dai sou been added in the family photo larx *.*

another thing that is always enough than enough is the reunion of my family :)))
going out awhile more,
hoping for a grand visiting to aunty's houses.

& for sure,  2nd day of CNY = movie day.
looking forward for the 33 people movie tonight.

as a proof...
"endless movie tickets"- quoted by mii.
what i want to explain here is....
MBO will not be our 1st choice UNLESS GSC is FULLED & SOLD OUT their tickets totally!

we aren't going to watch what CNY movie.
is Viral Factor by Jay Chou & Nicholas Tse.

looking for it ya *.*