Wednesday, May 23, 2012

feel goood

when i'm in this jail,
i mean my campus,
there is nothing can make me feel so good..
it is the time for me to go back Home!
not too late nor too early, just TONIGHT!

someone asked me why girls tend to miss their home when they came from far away to study.
is girl's natural instinct maybe?
but some girls are really tough enough and they do not miss their home,
there are some is vice-versa.

it depends on what kind of place that you are in,
as if the "jungle"
for sure matter, you gonna miss home before you come back to continue your studies in the thick "jungle".
i consider my case like this though.
and argh,
is really FARrrr from my

argh...i miss the little one in my home sooooo much.
here comes him..

IMY too. -.-
i know you are missing your mommy & daddy larx.
my mom said he had grown up much.
& i think like that so.
already 2 months never go back,
oukay, i feel like 200 years.
have no chance to see his growth day by day.
i could only update myself through pictures that my sis posted.

i am desperate to see his changes.
he is growing teeth now! :))

actually is it so hard to ask what really happen between us?
is it so hard to know the reasons behind this wound on our friendship?
i'm kinda sad to what had happened to us.
but your attitude tells me that you have given up our friendship.
you have not even give yourself a try to rebuild our friendship.
what can I do?

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