Wednesday, May 16, 2012


i am bored of my life at here!
is already 2 months i'm here,,,

busy with examsss recently...
2 more papers to go.
everyday, i pray hard that it ends faster.
i can't wait i can't stand
i want to go back Melaka.

a lot of things happened recently...
i feel like nobody i can talk to.
how should i start to say all this useless stuffs that happened to me recently?

i have cracked my brain to think of the solutions..
please give me a hint/solution to solve it.

with THEIR accompaniment.
i hardly still can manage it.

*friendship is very FRagIlE!
full of betrayed, hatred & TRICKSss!
though good friend at this moment, the next moment we are StRaNgErS!
is so scary when friends turn into stranger.
isn't it?*

can't we just live in harmony?

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