Thursday, September 29, 2011


since there was the arrival of juniors, as usual,
we follow the tradition - draw lots to decide who is our own god-sister or god-brother.
the decision had been made few months ago, not long after the juniors came in.
it is a Chinese's tradition here.

my family tree is now expanding its branches...
last year, my 1st time joining them.
this year...--today's gathering.
am getting fatter!

still, today, miss out some of the family members.
but added 4 new faces--all girls junior.
the eldest, Eevoon was so friendly. credit!

well, i got a god-sister, pretty girl, is a state badminton player. *lots of people wanted to pick get her.* the one (:
middle one.
am getting darker!!

& not forgotten the one adopted me, my own god-sister, pretty & cute girl.she is so mini...
when i was standing beside her, could see that i was so huge.

taken last year.
life here is getting interesting because of them...(:
though we gather once awhile, but still, we got lots to gossip to.

recently, i realized i need to take things easy.
hold on to Hope =)
move on!
everything will be oukay!
i know it.
there is always a rainbow after the rain.

Monday, September 26, 2011

友情这东西,一旦玩真的,比爱情还刻骨铭心。 :) ♥

--copied from fb--

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Logos Hope

doii doii doiii....
i should update my blog 1 week ago, about this-------
FLOATING book fair i went in Penang,
Logos Hope (:

as usual, we were randomly went for this 2 days 1 night trip.
the night before...about 11pm something...
the girl just came back from church:"girls, i have a crazy idea, my church members suggest me to go Penang for Logos book fair this weekend, since Sunday we don't have class.go & get some entertainment.what u all think?"
the girl that crazy to have fun for that weekend: "i want!!!let's go~!we stay there 1 night~1 day for the book fair, 1 day for shopping.hahaheee..."
the "nothing-also-ON" girl: "OK also.i'm  IN.since Sunday we don't have lecture.."
i'm IN too...=)

then, we started to write a checklist, so that we won't forget to bring anything.
**i rushed back to my dorm, n started packing, then Zzz**
woke up at 6am, took 7.30am bus off to Penang***

****we reached there at 9am something i guess****
then, book hotel....all that stuffs...***

the ship---floating book fair...
front view...
side view...
i scare to climb this kind of
we spent more than 3 hours in this ship i guess...
the girls shop for book as if it was FREE -.-
those books' price were,,,100 unit=RM8

the outcome from us...


2nd day,,,shopping session (:

i was DAMN TIRED.i duno why...
tall girl,,,aha

but still, had FUN with them.teehee (:

coincidence. (spec)
***still, that's a lot of photos we had friend's camera.***
i think that's all.for the overall trip.

*i know how to search for him already.*
i think i shouldn't!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


just came back from the celebration of mid-autumn festival.
good show indeed.
n from his performance, i started to admire him :P

everything goes smooth this week.amitofo :)
the best to me now is finish all the assignment ASAP!
i hate assignment sometime.
but sometime i prefer assignments compared to exam.teehee

oukay, i watched Nasi Lemak 2.0 last week.
this week going to watch "the smurfs" =)
though the movie was in cinema a few weeks jor.

get to know that she lost her beloved one.
it was the most hurt matter ever.
she was "collapse".
just want to tell her that we are here when you need us the most...
sincerely, girl.
the time when we were boring in the class..


Saturday, September 10, 2011


i know my blog is dead.
but since i have nothing to blog about life here, 
so i decided to leave my blog just like this.-.- 

oukay, my life recently is sucks!
am using laptop without battery.
it spoilt.
so i left it in Melaka.
*sis ady courier for me, & hopefully i can get it next week :)*

without battery you need adapter.
yea, i got adapter with me.
but, oh man~
my room NO ELECTRIC since Wednesday!!
can you tell me how to do work without electric?!
*we need to wait for the technician until Sunday.
sucks right?*

hopefully, everything will be on track by next week? :)
amitofo for the forum this Sunday.
cause be the first group out of eight.
pray for me that is a good fortune for me & my group members? o.o

Friday, September 2, 2011

outing v bro & sis

is 2.15am now.
feel like blogging about today *should be* yesterday's outing with my bro & sis.
i woke up quite early.10 something.
*oukay, according to the time i sleep in Melaka is different k.actually should be 12 something.*teehee

after breakfast, we went movie again :)
as i mentioned earlier, am hoping to watch "Columbiana".
so, i watched.
eerrr...the movie was just so so.
i wish to be a smart girl like Cataleya :)
but not a killer.

next, shopping session.
there is always a benefit when i am out with my family like my brosss & sis.
---save my $$---

then, we went to Nadeje.
luckily, our timing suit!
there was a empty seat in the shop.
ordered Banana Choc & Cafe Mocha.*i want original one*
we spent only 20 minutes at there.(according to my bro) -.-

...*wish to eat original Nadeje cake*...
so we went DP's Nadeje.
oh gosh~damn many people.
i don't understand.doiii.

no photos taken today.only a resit...for the cakes.

uh.i hate to think of going back tomorrow.
tomorrow same time as now, i should be in the bus. on the way back to Kedah.
i am going to miss Melaka again.