Saturday, September 24, 2011

Logos Hope

doii doii doiii....
i should update my blog 1 week ago, about this-------
FLOATING book fair i went in Penang,
Logos Hope (:

as usual, we were randomly went for this 2 days 1 night trip.
the night before...about 11pm something...
the girl just came back from church:"girls, i have a crazy idea, my church members suggest me to go Penang for Logos book fair this weekend, since Sunday we don't have class.go & get some entertainment.what u all think?"
the girl that crazy to have fun for that weekend: "i want!!!let's go~!we stay there 1 night~1 day for the book fair, 1 day for shopping.hahaheee..."
the "nothing-also-ON" girl: "OK also.i'm  IN.since Sunday we don't have lecture.."
i'm IN too...=)

then, we started to write a checklist, so that we won't forget to bring anything.
**i rushed back to my dorm, n started packing, then Zzz**
woke up at 6am, took 7.30am bus off to Penang***

****we reached there at 9am something i guess****
then, book hotel....all that stuffs...***

the ship---floating book fair...
front view...
side view...
i scare to climb this kind of
we spent more than 3 hours in this ship i guess...
the girls shop for book as if it was FREE -.-
those books' price were,,,100 unit=RM8

the outcome from us...


2nd day,,,shopping session (:

i was DAMN TIRED.i duno why...
tall girl,,,aha

but still, had FUN with them.teehee (:

coincidence. (spec)
***still, that's a lot of photos we had friend's camera.***
i think that's all.for the overall trip.

*i know how to search for him already.*
i think i shouldn't!

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