Friday, September 2, 2011

outing v bro & sis

is 2.15am now.
feel like blogging about today *should be* yesterday's outing with my bro & sis.
i woke up quite early.10 something.
*oukay, according to the time i sleep in Melaka is different k.actually should be 12 something.*teehee

after breakfast, we went movie again :)
as i mentioned earlier, am hoping to watch "Columbiana".
so, i watched.
eerrr...the movie was just so so.
i wish to be a smart girl like Cataleya :)
but not a killer.

next, shopping session.
there is always a benefit when i am out with my family like my brosss & sis.
---save my $$---

then, we went to Nadeje.
luckily, our timing suit!
there was a empty seat in the shop.
ordered Banana Choc & Cafe Mocha.*i want original one*
we spent only 20 minutes at there.(according to my bro) -.-

...*wish to eat original Nadeje cake*...
so we went DP's Nadeje.
oh gosh~damn many people.
i don't understand.doiii.

no photos taken today.only a resit...for the cakes.

uh.i hate to think of going back tomorrow.
tomorrow same time as now, i should be in the bus. on the way back to Kedah.
i am going to miss Melaka again.

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