Friday, December 30, 2011

simple :)

simple dressing &
simple outing.

to have our dinner.
tandoori chicken.
which is favoured by my bro.
plus roti Naan.
uh~was a perfect dinner :)

i still love the chicken breast more -.-
alcohol allergic is killing me slowly.
getting better, yet,
 i saw scar!
win liao win liao~ o.o

was just RED WINE.
itchy ItChY iTcHy ITCHY!!!
- am i doing the right thing?
- 今晚, 感触良多 )':

Thursday, December 29, 2011

28th Dec

watched "Sherlock Holmes"

Sherly got a lotssss of pattern.

nice e!
but it was quite longgg.
till my ass got bit pain.

date with her always made me full till burst! -.=

was just a simple outing anyway :)

****going for Tanduri Chic later****
- always be happy.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011



damn had fun with the gang that day
really :)

guess where did we celebrate the boy's birthday.
my 1st time been there.
hehe :)
Happy BIrthday huh, Mr. Monitor!

*photos taken from*
i guess im promoting your blog.

is it the present we gave?the pants?haha
Merry belated Xmas too!!!
i hope my New Year's eve is going to be this happy as well!
- I don't wanna go back! o.O

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bro's Wedding 24th Dec 2011

how should i start this post?

let's start with the morning session of 24th Dec.
playing tricks on the groom :0 *is a tradition huh*

I'mma on the way to the bride's home :)
first of all, is a must to introduce the groom's heng daisss!

then only the session started...
as usual, the bridegrooms would block in front the door

& ask for $$...
& the groom would start to

korek-ing his ang pau...
while discuss with the heng dai whether to give how much to settle them.

then, the bridegrooms would start to challenge the groom whether from physical or memory side.
1st, they challenge for 1-hand pumping.
*this usually could be done by the heng dais.
but, they were ....*
the groom did it himself.
pity, bro xD

next, upside down pumping?
& yet,
by one of the heng dais.
followed by asking the groom some questions about the bride.
*this was totally challenging the groom*
as we could clearly see it from his expression :p

after several questions, my bro was like

cracking his brain!
as the heng dais said," Anything that can settle by $$, just give $$ to them."

So, the groom
korek-ing for the ang pau again.
*i think* was finally,
the door open for us :)

still not the time for the groom to meet the bride yet.
2nd round had came to them :(

stick $$ on a manila card to make a LOVE shape on it.

after that, guessing time.

guessing+finding for the bride's kiss print.
guess wrong?!
*is time to make good use of the heng dais.* heyhey

"cheers" for the WASABI bread.
next, we went to upstairs &
approaching the bride's room :)

the groom was requested to sing out loud the song that represent them both.
he sang "The Moon represent My Heart"
outside the room :0
damn funny when heard the heng dai said,"Got subtitle for this song?"

then, the bridegrooms in the room asking for $$ again...

peep peep peep & wait wait wait."are you all done inside?!"
the outcome was...
rm20 only?!!
oukay~korek a BIG ang pau for you then!

& finally...
here came the "Classic Moments"

heading to groom's home :)
my home :)
in love with the WEDDING DRESS
hAppy eVeR aFtEr :)))))

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


hand-made dumplings by the family...!

diary of wisdom tooth-PART 2

what i want to say for this post would be...

finally, my wisdom tooth was being plucked out this morning.
the process of plucking...
until now...still within my living memory -.-

- saw the big inject needle.*nervous*i did not want to see, but it just "simply" passed by in front of my eyes*
- started with the anaesthetize injection.*pain*
- awhile later, with the accompanied by 4 doctors.*damn nervous.thought of: is it so serious?*
- started the plucking...
- with digging & plucked with a kind of "pliers"
because of this!
please!forgive it's GELI-ness -.-
i can't forget it for the rest of my life.

hope it will not be my nightmare.
that's enough.

i hope it will be the end of it.

i scare of PAIN!


Saturday, December 17, 2011





Thursday, December 15, 2011


must have update something by today!

it has been 2 days i did not write anything here.
i do not have photos that can tell the story of our outing.
i do not know how to start as well o.O

actually, my days filled with my loves.

we went to lots of different places.
but still
 with the same persons.

outing at night become our trend now.
as we scare of sunlight?

*to know more details about my outing with them,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

not mine

IT'S kind of...

i don't know why....
& since when...
i started to get frustrated
& i would CLEAR all of my browsing data immediately.

& i knew that it was...
the moment i on fb & saw that IT was the first post appeared in my lappie...
although it was HOURS ago.

yet, awhile later, i would probably relieved.
i knew that it was not belong to me anymore.

*though it always is the time & i know it*

there are still lots of people by my side & i should appreciate them well.
- family,
- the loves,
- friends.
no one is someone's fate.

Monday, December 12, 2011

watched "New Year's Eve" with the loves last Saturday.
was kind of touching & got some funny points in it
it was graded 8 stars out of 10.

enjoyed in watching movie which can give me SUrPRiSes.

m in love with Zack Efron -.-

this movie also taught me to...

"...forget about 'what if' & start to embrace 'what is'..." - Claire Morgan.

" in this world with - forgive, - chance, - love...& lastly - hope..." - one of the actors in this movie.

 *i guess the dialogue was sort of like this huh*

Sunday, December 11, 2011


is the thing i HATE the most in my life.
& shit to it.
m really in a bad condition now.

sore throat started to attack me 3 days ago.
*for the first time, i thought i would be better if i drink more herbal tea

i should start this story from yesterday morning.

early in the yesterday morning, i didn't take my breakfast & straight went to do facial.

on my way...
after facial, my stomach started to rebel against me.
at the same time, i started to get headache.
*for the second time, i thought after taking my lunch & medicine, it would be better -.-

*for the third time, i thought i would be fine when i got up from my nap -.-
yeah, i felt better after that.
yet, my stomach still in a bad condition.
my dinner was steamboat with the family.

i missed out all these...
during dinner, i insisted myself to eat something as i was the one who request for steamboat once my bro all came back.
but, i felt so warm eating with them.

after dinner, i VoMiT out everything -.-

*for the fourth time, i thought i should be fine.、

until now, m facing diarrhoea & flu -.-

**actually, it was all my imagination!!**

*but, i do really hope that it won't have any adjustment for the date on this coming Wednesday.*
- i accepted.
- 人生无常啊~

Thursday, December 8, 2011


caused...this noon, the pretty who was facing STPM sent us a message.
written: "Want dinner tonight?"
sure :)

3 of us went to Paparich.
my first time been there.
eaten nasi lemak...
again. *caused almost every time went to such cafe shop will order nasi lemak*
LAme -.-
one ordered curry laksa which seemed like very spicy*
& one ordered only drinks. *EAT MORE uh, NFE!*

next, meet up with the pair :)
& went to satay celup.
*suddenly envy that bunch of people who were damn enjoyed their meal & laughed aloud over there*

& was nice to meet HIM again after such a long time :)

*****NO photo was being taken tonight********

Zzz. should i accept?

'...I have died everyday waiting for you...'

- "A thousand Years" by Christina Perri.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bro's wedding-Part 1

was held in Maple Palace, Penang.

*i should have blog about this 2 days ago.
no choice.
busy with lots of things 
i have no idea what m i busy of ><
& have no time to date with my pretty as well *

this post is going to be a bit rushing...
& let this photo of the day tell the story.

the bridegroom & the bride of the day :0
the bride was the prettiest of the day.
for sure, the bridegroom handsome as well*
huh, bro?

oh yeah!m in love with the singer of the day ==

Friday, December 2, 2011


m did something CrAzY today.
can't forget it for the rest of my life i guess.
going to continue the talk of the photoshoot.
is going to be the last post for it
appreciate huh :)

first of all...

& her models...

is impossible to have the surest shot for each shoot.
there were lots of funny shot in between...

it was a process.
for us to learn :)

*m think m going to make it out those photos.
if i got the precious time.
view my blog constantly to check it out huh!

Thursday, December 1, 2011



went shopping at new JJ with sis & her friend.
BleED, BLeed, BLEED.

attending our own siblings' wedding ain't an 'easy job'
as for buying dress-up clothes, HUH.
purse bleeding 
as well as ♥.
4-digits enough to cover all?Nope.

but, as long as we're HAPPY :)

tired. sleep tight, Night :)