Sunday, December 11, 2011


is the thing i HATE the most in my life.
& shit to it.
m really in a bad condition now.

sore throat started to attack me 3 days ago.
*for the first time, i thought i would be better if i drink more herbal tea

i should start this story from yesterday morning.

early in the yesterday morning, i didn't take my breakfast & straight went to do facial.

on my way...
after facial, my stomach started to rebel against me.
at the same time, i started to get headache.
*for the second time, i thought after taking my lunch & medicine, it would be better -.-

*for the third time, i thought i would be fine when i got up from my nap -.-
yeah, i felt better after that.
yet, my stomach still in a bad condition.
my dinner was steamboat with the family.

i missed out all these...
during dinner, i insisted myself to eat something as i was the one who request for steamboat once my bro all came back.
but, i felt so warm eating with them.

after dinner, i VoMiT out everything -.-

*for the fourth time, i thought i should be fine.、

until now, m facing diarrhoea & flu -.-

**actually, it was all my imagination!!**

*but, i do really hope that it won't have any adjustment for the date on this coming Wednesday.*
- i accepted.
- 人生无常啊~


  1. roomie~ lai lai~ miss my leng teh liao hor? XD
    take k ni...^.^

  2. yea.i miss it -.- oukay, i will.u too ya.send my regard to your family :p