Thursday, December 8, 2011


caused...this noon, the pretty who was facing STPM sent us a message.
written: "Want dinner tonight?"
sure :)

3 of us went to Paparich.
my first time been there.
eaten nasi lemak...
again. *caused almost every time went to such cafe shop will order nasi lemak*
LAme -.-
one ordered curry laksa which seemed like very spicy*
& one ordered only drinks. *EAT MORE uh, NFE!*

next, meet up with the pair :)
& went to satay celup.
*suddenly envy that bunch of people who were damn enjoyed their meal & laughed aloud over there*

& was nice to meet HIM again after such a long time :)

*****NO photo was being taken tonight********

Zzz. should i accept?

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