Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bro's Wedding 24th Dec 2011

how should i start this post?

let's start with the morning session of 24th Dec.
playing tricks on the groom :0 *is a tradition huh*

I'mma on the way to the bride's home :)
first of all, is a must to introduce the groom's heng daisss!

then only the session started...
as usual, the bridegrooms would block in front the door

& ask for $$...
& the groom would start to

korek-ing his ang pau...
while discuss with the heng dai whether to give how much to settle them.

then, the bridegrooms would start to challenge the groom whether from physical or memory side.
1st, they challenge for 1-hand pumping.
*this usually could be done by the heng dais.
but, they were ....*
the groom did it himself.
pity, bro xD

next, upside down pumping?
& yet,
by one of the heng dais.
followed by asking the groom some questions about the bride.
*this was totally challenging the groom*
as we could clearly see it from his expression :p

after several questions, my bro was like

cracking his brain!
as the heng dais said," Anything that can settle by $$, just give $$ to them."

So, the groom
korek-ing for the ang pau again.
*i think* was finally,
the door open for us :)

still not the time for the groom to meet the bride yet.
2nd round had came to them :(

stick $$ on a manila card to make a LOVE shape on it.

after that, guessing time.

guessing+finding for the bride's kiss print.
guess wrong?!
*is time to make good use of the heng dais.* heyhey

"cheers" for the WASABI bread.
next, we went to upstairs &
approaching the bride's room :)

the groom was requested to sing out loud the song that represent them both.
he sang "The Moon represent My Heart"
outside the room :0
damn funny when heard the heng dai said,"Got subtitle for this song?"

then, the bridegrooms in the room asking for $$ again...

peep peep peep & wait wait wait."are you all done inside?!"
the outcome was...
rm20 only?!!
oukay~korek a BIG ang pau for you then!

& finally...
here came the "Classic Moments"

heading to groom's home :)
my home :)
in love with the WEDDING DRESS
hAppy eVeR aFtEr :)))))

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