Wednesday, August 31, 2011

my loves!

yeahhhhh!& yes!
finally hang out with the loves yesterday.
oukay, i admit that my driving skill was.....uh...teehee :)

they are my lovesss!!!

*i miss the girl who is the most noisy one among us*
yesterday was the first time i went Casa de Cafe
i love its surrounding
& the food is reasonable.?i think so.
tasted Nyonya Nasi Lemak.*if im not mistaken.*
LOVE it. :)
emmmm....just dislike the drink i ordered.

at that time, we randomly said wanted to watch "Overheard 2".
...searching for the movie showing time....
"Lets go!"
"still got?so late ady."
"GOT!!9.45pm at DP"
"wait, wait, i finish my rice first"

movie session...***ON!!!***
we were so RANDOM. yet, i like our randomness :)

we rushed back to my house & exchange car with the love.
....rushed to DP....

to watch "Overheard 2"
i LIKE this movie damn much.
though the characters are cunning...
but there is always a story behind this tricky person.

i personally love Daniel Wu in this movie,
cunning but loving..
but he died at the end :'(

lastly, yam cha session...
& got back at almost 3am...
luckily didn't get scolded today.teehee..

*outing with them could keep me update with their personal life =0
i love to hear their life...*

hope to have a midnight movie, "Columbiana" later.
with bro & sis.

you know, we are so random.

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