Sunday, August 28, 2011


phew~is TIME to update my blog!!! :)
oh man~is holiday!!!

hang out with my eldest brother & my sister
that noon, we go Sentral to fetch my bro back :)

then, we go DP.
to make up my friend who wants to do photo shoot with her boyfie.
*oukay, is embarrassing when we make up in between the corridor of DP..*.*
my sis's 'product'?
ok, can't see the make up, rite?i know.
& i look damn haggard.

next, we go secret recepi.
i love high tea. :)
ppl out there, please SLAP me.i look damn exhausted.
i like white dark choc cheese than cheesy choc. but they prefer the latter :(
where is my bro?
spot the ring :)
then, we go the Baboon House :)
this is the first time i go there...
my bro discover it, is his friend's boyfie shop.
wow!!i feel like myself sticking to nature :)
is not a cafe that decorate beautifully...
is natural.
like an old house :)
with a big white dog & cat.
nice place to recommend to my friends next time :)
me & sis share a pork burger & my bro take a lamb burger.
thumbs up!

miss it.
snapping pic with the old mirror outside of the toilet -.-

plus a overall pic of the day...

end this post with the little BB in my house.
he is so Q!
BB is exercising!
BB so happy when playing with my dad.



  1. roommie argh...
    ur holidays so song...
    mine one...>.<
    holidays = assignment days...

  2. haha.didn't hang out with your gang?