Sunday, August 21, 2011

feel great

feel so great after finished the newspaper front page (one of the assignments).
*assignments nowadays have numerous pattern* -.-''
im going to be a reporter, exhibitor, actress or whatsoever.for sure, besides teacher :)
but i couldn't deny that i would feel great after all those :P
better person instead.

oukay, **back to topic**
the device, 'Publisher'.
though it was in your laptop, but u got NO IDEA about it.
yet, YES. we decided to use it to do our work.
from there, we explored, we discovered, we last, we chose to HAMTAM je la!

that afternoon, we consulted Madam.the same day, at night, we rushed for it.
*coz the next consultation was the following day*
ahaha.don't ever do your work in last

it began...
with a blank page + our blank mind on how to use it.

the girl was fighting for..perfect.
we were dog-tired because of it.

the girl is dying for some sleep...o.o
i was nearly the same...o.o

our newspaper front page based on the novel we learnt this semester.

when it was in A4 size...

when it was in A3 size!

**can u spot the difference?! except colour.-.-
it would be HUGE differences when you touched it!
is going to be a real newspaper front page.teehee.
submitted today, high marks come come come near us! =p

oukay, IP period is damn boring...erggghhh!!

girl, stop playing with bear during IP.haha.lecturer is there!!
i was bored!
oukay, BORED of wearing baju kurung...dying for some changes after this coming holiday =)
night, readers :P

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