Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i'm lost.

OoPPsS! i got scolded by the love two days before, *well, was in a pleasant way*...
the reason was that i didn't update my blog for a period of time already...HEHE

i duno why i didn't do so. IT'S not ME?not my style?
well, i got something to tell everyday...
i need heart-talk.
i need someone listen to me..he or she just needs to pay attention & their patience for me.HEHE
even if so, i duno where to start the talk.

but just...i duno what to blog...how to blog those stuffs..
so, in a simpler way, don't need to blog then.
will blog more often, in a condition that when i'm free ><

recently, busy with classes, assignments, presentations lorxxx...-.-
scare of the FINAL exam.god bless me~
argh!!FIGHT till the end, girl!

this little child is motivating me.
**am waiting patiently for the holiday to come :)**

*******is he injured?********
curious...i feel like want to know..
what for if i know?!

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