Friday, July 29, 2011


feel happy for my eldest brother...=)
let's photos tell the rest of the story....
you're so happy, 大嫂 =p
the ring = their love
stay sweet,,,
when the 2 families come together...
the first time we were having steamboat in hostel...*though it was strictly prohibited to bring rice cooker in the hostel...who cares?=p*

well, luckily, we have 2 much like chef in my gang.

when we shop for the food, we thought of bought everything DOUBLE.
in case it was not enough for 5 of us.

we started preparing....
*a girl went to church.she was absent
she couldn't enjoy the happiness throughout this whole process -.- *
i was enjoyed =0

while in the pastry...
preparing...i was the one like to take their natural photo :0
since i was "too natural" was better for me not to appear then...*.*

though is not what grand food as what we ate in our home nor outside steamboat...
but it was nice to us.
*oukay, although i miss Melaka steamboat so muchieee...-.-'''*

taadadaa! our product...*less food though...*


party time...
we made tomyam soup.
***cooking cooking cooking....*
while waiting....
***eating session***
1st round, we accelerate to the max!
2nd round, we decelerate...
3rd round, we s l o w...& s  l  o  w...
4th round, we waved WHITE FLAG to the max!

we kept some for the girl went to church...& some for my rommie...o.O
only we could finish it....OMG.
we were so damn fulled.i feel like i was going to burst in the next minute.
we estimated the quantity for 5 person.

the matter is....we failed.
the end, readers.

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